Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Words of wisdom for the wall

Look what I just won from the lovely blog Swedish House! Got a comment on my blog this morning telling me to come by for a bit of good news so I popped over to discover I'd won this quirky print, offering up all sorts of good advice (I especially like Drink Tea and Write Letters... am very good at both those things). Good news indeed! Our walls are rather bare and I'm loving finding things to hang on them. My mom just got me a fab Keep Calm and Carry On print (which Alan has promised to put up for me this week, and then I'll post a photo of it- yay!) and now I have this great framed print to inspire me, too. Thanks, Julie! I'll look for it in the post!

PS: "Kill your tv" is a good one too. Now that LOST is done, I'm cancelling the cable.


  1. Congrats -- this poster is awesome!! I may have to get one for myself too, I'm just so in love with it.

  2. What a nice message! Congrats on your winning :)


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