Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Picnic perfect

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One of my daily reads is the beautiful NYC blog, A Cup of Jo. I was reading it this morning and came across this fab post about the perfect picnic. It's June, so it must be picnic season! As soon as the weather starts to cooperate, I am going to pack us a delicious picnic (baguette, brie, grapes, lemonade...) and head for a grassy field somewhere with my boys. I love a good picnic, don't you? Em and I are planning one for France, some day, but hopefully we'll manage one around these parts late this July. Wendy and I are hoping for a big Hyde Park picnic, avec tous les enfants, in August. What about you? Will you be picnicking this summer? Where do you like to go? And what would your picnic not be complete without?


  1. My picnic would defo have to include wonderful summer strawberries 'jordgubbar' the sweetest swedish strawberries...Wild strawberries are the best!
    Oh Happy Days!
    Julie x

  2. oh picnics..i love them. When i first started dating my hubbie (21 years ago(!) we used to pack up a picnic and the sunday papers and go find a field to sit in all day, ahh those were the days, :)

  3. Oh so jealous of the lovely weather you are about to have! I love picnics, I think a good bottle of wine completes a good picnic, oh and salami, I LOVE salami!

  4. Hi Erin,
    thanks for visiting. I love picnics and plan on at least a few this summer. Would love to head to Nappa Valley California with my husband and have a picnic in the vineyards. I had a fun time putting that post together for Cassie's blog. I need to put together more themes like that for mine.

  5. our wedding is going to be a picnic! pretty sheets and pillows will be laid out all over a lawn, with lawn games and art and later live 20's jazz music for dancing. when i'm not thinking about the elephants, i'm thinking about the picnic. :)

  6. Our French picnic will be the best picnic of all time. But until that happens (when oh when??!), I have to say that my most amazing picnic was in Tokyo when I was there for cherry-blossom season. We set up under a cherry tree in a public park and had the most amazing picnic... cheese and baguette and strawberries and champagne! All of that with cherry petals floating around. Amazing.


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