Monday, May 31, 2010

In Search of Summer: Day 4 {outdoors after dinner}

So, it has been yet another cold, grey, rainy, miserable day. But I have to say, the garden is loving it! Things are blooming and blossoming all over the place. And we had another evening where the sun came out and reminded us that summer really must be on its way. It's so light out, until well after 9 o'clock. No complaints there! (now if only the rest of the day would fall into line and cooperate...)

Dylan was out for dinner at my mom & dad's house tonight (oh boy was he ever excited!), so it was just Alan, Sawyer and I at home. After we ate, we headed out into the garden. Alan and Sawyer filled new flower beds up with soil while I snapped photos.

Look at the lovely lupins!

And our lush herb garden (I think you can see mint, marjoram and lavender in this shot), complete with rustic wooden cat, a wedding gift from Alan's cousin Abi. I love the vintage vibe it's got going on.

Two of my adorable boys.

Mwah! I love them, even when they're grubby.

It's just past 9, and I'm off to bed now. Have a horrible headcold that I just want to go away. Maybe if the weather would start to cooperate, my sinuses would too... Here's hoping the sun is shining when I wake up in the morning.

Good-night, and Happy Memorial Day to all my American friends!
xo love E


  1. Oh your lupins are beautiful and your herb garden too!.

    Please go to my blog too if you get a moment...I have some good news ;-)

    Kram Julie x

  2. Love the garden photos. The Lupin is amazing!! Cute little grubby boys hehe :)


  3. Flowers are beautiful (:

    And your boys are adorable!


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