Thursday, June 03, 2010

Wishin' and hopin'

It's Thursday morning and here's what I'm wishing for today...

  • for Alan's passport to come so we can book our tickets to London {I want to get excited about this and stop worrying!}
  • for somebody to buy our old van so we can actually afford the aforementioned tickets
  • for the sun to keep shining {it's looking sort of promising, and I'm dressed accordingly... and it is June, for goodness sake!}
  • for Dylan to have a really great day at playschool and not dump sand on anybody's head
  • for my grade 6 Science class to surprise me and work really dilligently on their assignment for 45 minutes {ha! not likely, but a girl can dream...}
  • for someone to turn up at school with a latte and some flowers for me ;~)

That's not so much to ask, now is it?

very British image via suziebeezie


  1. OOh I'll wish n hope and pray for you too :-p
    Hope you get to England for the summer and I just loove that photo...soo Big up Blighty!
    Have a great weekend
    Hope you get everything your wishing and hoping for

  2. Hehe that is not much to ask at all :) I really hope this all comes true for you. It would be really sweet if your latte and flowers. I would love that!

    And I hope you keep loving books, journals and pretty pens! x

  3. Definitely not to much to ask for. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


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