Thursday, June 03, 2010

In Search of Summer: Day 6 {growing season}

It was a pretty nice day today, so after dinner I took the boys outside to water all the plants and flowers, and to run off some steam. We played frisbee and got soaked. Good times!

Dylan beside the playhouse. See all the little seedlings in their pots on the little porch?

Can't wait for the peas to be ready to eat. We love eating them straight out of the garden!

New planters (we got these for $4 each!) and many flowers to plant this weekend. There are little baby lupins, bachelor buttons, mesembryanthemums, red flax flowers... Alan has grown all of them from seed. The metal planter is full of strawberry plants. Mmmm!

The weather forecast for the weekend is really good. So perhaps I won't have to search as hard for summer as I have been lately! Fingers crossed...


  1. Your garden seriously puts mine to shame! Will have to have mega spruce up if you make it this way in the summer!


  2. You have been industrious in your garden. We have been working on ours too...
    Have a Happy Gardening weekend
    Lovely that the boys are interested too :-)
    Kram Julie x

  3. You do have a busy time ahead in your garden! but the eventual rewards will make it worthwhile.
    Have a good weekend.


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