Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Open, underpants, can't stop talking

It's the last week of June, the sun is shining and the air is warm, so here's my 3BT:

1. All the doors and windows have been flung open to let the cool breeze through. It must be summer time!

2. Sawyer has recently come to the conclusion that, if he wears underpants on his head, he's a pirate. Naturally, he wants to wear them all the time. It's pretty hilarious.

Especially when he gets the other Pugh boys to wear them too...

Aaargh! And yo ho ho! (oh how they make me laugh!)

3. I'm on Skype and chatting up a storm! Had so much fun talking to Cassie and Em today. I like having yet another way to communicate with my friends. And you can't beat that it's free!

Do you have 3BT you'd like to share today? Ooh, I hope so!


  1. 1. I'm loving all the killer thunderstorms we've had lately. You know it's summer in Michigan when the air just can't hold the humidity anymore and the sky explodes on a nightly basis! (although i could have done without tuesday night's tornado sightings!)

    2. Skirt weather! 'Nuff said.

    3. Fresh berries and fruit. I feel like the growing season here is a month behind everyone else in the world! I can finally eat fresh berries and vanilla ice cream to my heart's content now :)

  2. oh, and i LOOOOOOVE the underpants thing. and that your hubs joins in. sigh. he looks like such a great dad!

  3. I must say Alan chose a rather fetching pair of pants for his head!! Dylan's eye patch is rather snazzy too and Sawyer looks like it is perfectly normal to be wearing pants on your head - what is all the fuss about!!


  4. I have been trying to skype you for 8 yerars!!"!

  5. i love that they're transformed into pirates with the addition of underpants on their heads! so cute!

    i know this post is from wednesday, but i have great 3bt's for today:

    1. getting to see my best friend in the world today {he's the one i will live near in l.a.}

    2. going to my favorite sf coffee shop - mmm!

    3. waking up with dannon this morning, especially since he'll be leaving today for the weekend in l.a. without me.


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