Saturday, June 26, 2010

Garden tour

So, several weeks ago, I gave you a tour of our house. Now that summer's officially here, let's head out into the garden, shall we?

Open the front door and head out, down the stairs and onto the path.

Up to the right is the pathway that leads onto the front lawn or across to the driveway.

Head left to the cottage suite. I love the wild flowers that line the driveway.

Gorgeous tall foxgloves hide amongst the branches of this tree.

Sit in the corner of the front yard to relax and watch the boys run around on the grass or flip themselves out of the hammock repeatedly! My brother-in-law, Philip, made our adirondack chairs. Aren't they great?

Tiny pink flowers.

Fragrant yellow roses grow outside our front door. The bush was a gift to us when Sawyer was born.

Columbines are such an amazing flower. We have several of them in the front garden.

I'm not sure what these are called, but I love them.

This is the view across the front lawn and out onto our little street.

Alan built this flower bed on the corner of the front lawn, beside our driveway. You can see the back yard just beyond the van, with the vegetable garden right at the back.

Beside the boys' playhouse is a new little lawn and flower garden. We call it the "secret garden" because it feels small and tucked away.

Behind the house is a long stretch of grass. Beyond it is an area that Alan is going to turn into raised beds, pathways, an eating area (with firepit for marshmallow roasts!)... We've just planted two apple trees here as well.

Small dividing wall between the front and side gardens.

Beautiful bachelor buttons.

I love, love, love these blooms together. Just beautiful.

The world's most beautiful (and multi-coloured!) lupin, with our house and my handsome gardener of a husband in the background. If it weren't for him, our garden wouldn't be half as fabulous as it is. I am definitely NOT the one in the family with the green thumb!


  1. That is some garden. It really is very beautiful! Well done Alan on all you efforts, I am jealous!

  2. Really is even more lovely than I imagined and I really do like those flower beds with the pebble walls.

    It all looks so bright and colourful and cheery and a place where you can have so much fun in all the different corners.

    I think I would love to admire it all from your hammock!


  3. So pretty! You're making me wish I had a green thumb.

  4. Erin, your garden is an absolute beauty! I'm so impressed. You have so many beautiful flowers. I think all you might be missing is a hammock or some other nice thing to lounge upon.

  5. All I can say is WOW! Teach me! :)

    What a neat idea to give a rose bush as a gift! Now you can watch it and your little one grow at the same time :)

  6. wow, it's gorgeous! i could definitely handle all that grass and those flowers! my neighbor has a huge garden next door and i can see into it from my bathroom. someday...

  7. Absolutely beautiful! The foxgloves are my favorite.

    Your blog is wonderful! I'll definitely be back :)

  8. Your garden is lovely. It looks like so much love and care has gone into it. The colours are just beautiful too.

    I wish our garden looked even half as good as that, I would be happy. x


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