Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday morning daydream

This morning I'm imagining myself in Southwold, on the east coast of England. And the great thing about this daydream is that in August, it won't just be a daydream anymore! While on our English holiday, we're making a trip to Suffolk to meet my lovely friend Cassie, and her husband James, for the first time (hard to believe- you should hear the two of us ramble on!), and I simply cannot wait. I know we will have the most wonderful time together. The boys are excited to spend a day at the seaside, and so are Alan and I. Take a look!

Aren't the beach huts great? I love their ice creamy colours.

I got this postcard in the mail from Cassie yesterday. I love what she wrote:

How could we resist when she puts it like that? Doesn't it sound just wonderful? The perfect summer day by the sea... So, not only will we get to spend some time with the lovely friend I've been looking forward to meeting for so long, but we'll also get to see a whole new, beautiful part of England. Fantastic! And so exciting. See you soon, Cassie! Be sure to bring your camera, won't you?


beach huts via here


  1. Hej Hej Erin

    OOh Lucky you. Southwold is one of my fav.places to visit. Every year my friends family hire a cottage that comes with a beach hut and Myself and my boys have spent many a long day just hanging out in the beachhut and beach with her 4 children. You won't be disappointed. It's a lovely unspoilt traditional country sea-side town and lots of little shops to mooch in.
    Julie x

  2. Thank you for a gorgeous post that my coast may be your daydream!

    We will have such fun I can just imagine it now. And I forget to tell you about the funny fountain on the pier - where the metal statue man gets out of the bath and has a wee!! The boys will love it!


  3. I love the east coast, we're going home to Norfolk in August and I'm already too excited :)


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