Monday, June 21, 2010

Fresh flowers, light out late, chapter book

I'm up way too late. I should really be asleep, but I feel the need to write a 3BT before I go to bed...

1. On my kitchen table is a jug full of flowers, all from our garden.
2. It was light out tonight until 10 o'clock. Ten o'clock!
3. Dylan listened to Alan read 5 chapters of The Enchanted Wood tonight. He was enchanted. And can't wait until tomorrow night.

Okay, really going to bed now. Sweet dreams!


  1. 5 Chapters? Wow! I'm not sure who impresses me more- Dylan for listening to all of those chapters, or Alan for having enough voice to read them all out loud!

    And I am so jealous of your flowers- I'm dying to have a garden with flowers I can bring inside. It sounds lovely.

  2. J'adore cette photo en effet - am now searching for it in your archives!

    Thought I spied you up too late but worth it for a perfect little 3BT.

    Sleep tight.


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