Friday, June 18, 2010

Flowers for your Friday

It's Friday again, and the 18th of June already! Where is this year going? I guess when life is busy, the days just fly by. I'm hoping the slower pace of summertime will bring the rest and relaxation I'm craving... And so, I'm starting now! Preschool is finished, so we have nowhere to be this morning. Wahoo! I'm going to wear my pajamas until noon (okay, maybe not noon but I'm in no rush to get dressed just yet) and drink copious amounts of tea, while the boys watch Balamory and do jigsaw puzzles.

What else is on the agenda? I'm going to fill-in-the-blanks today. I just couldn't resist this week's theme. Also on my little to-do list: a bit of baking, watering the garden, making Father's Day cards, doing the laundry (just 4 people, but about a million loads of dirty laundry... I don't get it), and totally being home when the UPS guy comes to deliver Alan's passport, which I am certain is bound to happen today (quick! everyone say a little prayer!)

What are you doing this morning? Are you hanging out in your jammies, too?

PS: Aren't those flowers gorgeous? I love the green jar they're in, too.


  1. I love those flowers! They're so lovely.

    I've got my fingers crossed that Alan's passport arrives today. I'm sure it will. It definitely will. For sure.

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for the passport to arrive today.
    What a nice day to spent the "first" day off summer, remember to relax!

  3. No jammies for me today, I'm at work... tomorrow however... a weekend without kids so lots of jammie time for me!

    That passport is close Erin, I feel it :)


  4. My brain is exploding with the loveliness of these flowers! :)

    Lucky, PJ-cladden you. I hope you're relaxing and enjoying every minute of it!

    Happy weekend, sweet Erin! :)

  5. Everything crossed that your hubby gets his passport today and you can book those flights!
    Loove the flowers.
    I just love those kind of days PJ's, boys calm and just enjoying!
    Have a lovely weekend
    Kram Julie x

  6. Bethany,
    It's funny you should mention the loveliness of the flowers. When I picked today's photo, it was totally with you in mind! And that reminds me... there is a fabulous tumblr you need to see, featuring lots and lots of lovely shades of turquoise!
    Happy Weekend to you, too! xo

  7. Fingers crossed that passport arrives! I spent the morning catching up on my to-do list and getting ready to have a few friends over for dinner tonight. We're keeping it simple with some good homemade pizza.

  8. See your dreams and wishes came true!!

    Perfect xx


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