Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mes amies and a cup of tea

This past week I have received two fantastic and completely unexpected parcels from two of my very best friends in the world. The first one came from Kelly, my favourite old neighbour. I always wanted to have a friend who lived right around the corner, and for a few years, I had Kelly and it was sooo great! Then she went and moved up north, and now I've got no one to drop in on as I walk by her old house. Sigh... Anyway, the good thing that came from Kelly moving away is that we have the loveliest time writing long letters to one another, and sometimes sending some treats in the mail. This is what she sent me last week... A letter on this pretty notecard, and a big tin of delicious, fruity tea.

Yum! "Berry bounty"...Doesn't that sound delicious? I can't wait for her to be back down for a visit. I'll brew up an entire pot of it and we'll sit at the kitchen table together to drink it. And maybe she'll whip us up a batch of lavender scones to go with it. Good plan, Kel?

The second parcel that arrived came on Tuesday, from my very best, furthest away friend Em (who lives all the way across the world in the French Alps!) It was addressed to Erin "Teatime" Pugh and look at all the fabulous bits and pieces I found inside!

Tea bags of all sorts, Paris coasters, a bookmark from the Louvre, and a lovely little letter. It came with instructions for me to brew myself some tea, get comfy, put up my feet, put tea cup on coaster, and use Mona to hold my place in my latest novel... Je pense que c'est une bonne idee!

Em is one "tough cookie" as you may recall, and I sent her these cards on the anniversary of the day she was diagnosed. She's come a long way, baby, since this time last year!

Included in my "teatime" parcel was this drinks brochure from Starbucks in Paris. I love the post-it!

Merci, mes amies. I miss you. Can't wait to see you both next month!


  1. Amazing. Little packages from friends can really lift the spirits. This would have been fun to look through while having a cup of tea. x

  2. I really loved both of your posts today Erin :)

    Thanks for the smiles!!

  3. Love the idea of a Starbucks drinks menu and so very much more sophisticated in French!

  4. I am so glad you enjoyed the little parcel - I enjoyed sending the surprise! Davids tea is full of all sorts of teas - I have forever nuts and it is amazing! and made out of what else NUTS!
    Thank you for all your help over getting our mail fromt he old house! Heres to you my tea time friend!
    Love Ya Kell


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