Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two plus two

Well, we're back to Tuesday already, which means it's time for another round of Two Things I Love Around My Home. This week's things are just outside my front door.

The first is my lovely fairy statue on our front steps. Isn't she gorgeous? I love how she's stretched out and reading a book. I've had her for years now and she's starting to look a bit worse for wear, but I refuse to part with her. I wonder if I can have her re-finished somehow?

The second thing I love is my lilac tree. This is the first thing I see when I step out the door in the mornings. Aren't the purple blooms beautiful? I think they make the perfect contrast with the green leaves and grass. Mmmmmm, and they smell divine, too!

Tuesday also means a chance to show off where in the world my two feet have taken me today!

I don't participate in the foot photo game every week, but today I just had to! The temperature is supposed to hit 19 degrees celsius today, so of course I chose my flip-flops this morning! Here they are on the blacktop outside the school, as I did a quick round of hopscotch at recess. I even painted my toenails for you. Summer must be on its way!

Hope you're having a lovely Tuesday so far. Mine has been hectic and a wee bit stressful (and I've packed a really pathetic lunch... sigh). But at least the sun is shining and LOST is on tonight, so I'm going to choose to look on the bright side and focus on those things, rather than the ones that make me anxious. How about you? Is the sun shining where you are?


  1. oooo your lilac tree is gorgeous!! i miss my parent's lilac tree... it's my absolute favorite smell, in the world. so jealous of yours!

  2. The little fairy is really sweet! I hope you can get her refinished or fixed up somehow.

    The lilac tree is beautiful. It definitely adds some extra colour. And the sun is shining here and I love it!

  3. oh how i love the smell of lilacs. : ) beautiful photos.

  4. I think your little fairy looks better worn...it's so sweet with that time-worn look. Like she's been poised for years drinking a fabulous read :)

  5. Gorgeous fairy! (i loved faeries for the longest... i even have a tat on my back of one... my first one as a gift to myself when i was 18 and graduating lol yup, i love fairies) i agree with Bethany, it's MUCH prettier "worn" :)

    LOST!!! eeek. I watch american idol with max which is on around the same time so i Tivo LOST and looks like tonight i'm not going to be able to see it :( so we'll DEF have to discuss tomorrow when i'm caught up. It's after midnight and i'm not tired but i should prob try and get some z's :p thinking of you!!!! xo

  6. Love your fairy - I kind of like the weathered look personally. And I can image your lilac smells just heavenly too.

    And we have the exact same colour on our toe-nails! (Should I have expected any less!)


  7. Hi Erin! Thanks so much for posting on my blog and sorry it took so long for me to comment back. I LOVED LOVED Water for Elephants. Definitely one of the best books I've read. It's a sad one, but truly fantastic. You'll love it. Your lilac tree is amazing - it must smell divine. How beautiful. It is definitely NOT sunny where I am. At least it's above 60 degrees, but it's rainy and cloudy. Blah. I can't wait for real summer weather. Flip flops sound so much nicer than the sweater I'm wearing right now....

  8. your lilac tree is GORGEOUS!
    so jealous
    thanks so much for playing along again this week, erin

  9. 2 absolutely beautiful things and my favourites lilac's and angels.
    BTW Your angel is just perfect the way she is dont go changing...
    Kram Julie

  10. AH! the Fairy! my uncle had a statue like that in his yard for the longest time, for my grandma, and my mum LOVED it, and said if he ever didnt want it to let her know and she'd buy it from him! So after my grandma passed away, my uncle went and sold it. I've been looking for one for my mum for years, but to no avail... theres one similar, but the expression isn't as whimsical. Do have any idea what the maker's name is or where you got her from?

    Lilacs are always beautiful! :D they remind me of my other grandma, she had a shelter blet of them! They smell so pretty!

  11. that Statue!! My uncle had that statue for my grandma in his garden! My mum loved it and said if her ever didn't want it anymore, she would buy it from him! After my grandma passed away, my uncle went and sold it. I have been looking for one to get my mum for years, but to no avail, do you happen to remember where you got yours from, or what the maker's name is?

    I agree with the previous comments as well that i love the worn look, it makes her ironically seemed more loved and treasured.


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