Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday's 3BT

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It's Thursday afternoon and the rainclouds have blown away. The sun is out again and I feel better than I have in days. I think it's time for a picnicky 3BT, don't you? Here goes:

1. I have so many fun plans for the weekend. Kelly is in town (yay!) and we will see each other at least twice (for a birthay party picnic in the park and a dinner at our house). Alan, my aunt and I are taking the boys to the country fair and rodeo on Saturday afternoon. And, the big finale of LOST is on Sunday night. We've invited other diehard fans & friends over to watch, eat Dharma snacks, celebrate and weep with us. And it's a long weekend. So we'll have Monday to recover from it all!

2. I actually feel well enough to wonder what I'd like to make us for dinner tonight (rather than the Campbell's chicken soup we've been eating all week). I'm thinking spaghetti and a big salad. And maybe garlic bread! Yum.

3. The kindergarten kids were hilarious this afternoon. I read them a Frances book and they were laughing their heads off. They made me glad I dragged my tired butt to work today.

Thanks for all your cheerful notes over the past week. They've helped to perk me up and I am so grateful for all of your kind words!
Erin xo

PS: A few of you have asked what this 3BT is all about... It stands for 3 beautiful things. Click on the 3BT label in my sidebar to read all my related posts, including the first which links back to the original 3BT website by the lovely Clare Grant in England.


  1. I SO want some of that garlic bread. Somehow, I just ate but that made me hungry again. And I'm so happy to hear you're feeling a bit better. Being sick in the spring isn't any fun.

  2. you and Kelly are going to have SOOO MUCH FUN!!! :) i can't wait to hear all about it!! take pictures, won't you? and again, tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me :)

    LOST fiinale... oh dear, i don't want to start thinking of that just yet! i so wish we could watch it together- what i wouldn't give to come and have dharma snacks with you fellow diehard fans.

    MMMM garlic bread! i had some tonight and my stomach just did a rumble cos it was SO good! if i could live on bread and cheese alone, i would ;)


  3. yay!!! i'm so glad you're feeling better!


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