Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday wish list

Hello friends. Did you miss me? (ha! did you even notice my absence?)

This morning, all I'm really wishing for is to feel better. I woke up yesterday with some early symptoms of Dylan's flu, but (in denial), I went to work anyway. I wasn't there an hour before it became horribly apparent that I had to go home now. Ugh. Not only was it awful to be so violently ill, but I also had to call Linda and ask her not to clean my house after all! I was so disappointed. She'd just started in the living room when I dragged myself in through the front door, all weepy and sick. Life is just plain cruel sometimes.

Anyway, I slept the day away (some of it on the bathroom floor... sigh) and this morning I feel a teensy bit better. Hopefully with some more rest, some flat ginger ale, and maybe even a bowl of chicken soup, I'll feel like myself again. When that happens, I'll be back. I promise. Until then, won't you keep me company with your cheerful comments? I know I can always count on all of you...

PS: I lied. I don't just want to feel better. I also want that housecleaning to happen soon (it was going to be soooo great). And I want the final episode of LOST to be everything I'm hoping for and more. That's all.

pretty bed and flowers via just be splendid


  1. I usually also try going to work, telling myself I will feel better once I get in the shower, get to work and get started. Usually I do feel better, but once in a while I just have to go back home and tug myself into bed.
    I hope you will feel better very soon... and get the house cleaned:)

  2. I love that you are teaching your kids to stop and smell the roses ... XO!!!

  3. i hope you get to feeling better soon!!! if not, you can lay in bed and dream of being LOST with Sawyer. Oh Erin, i totalllly thought of you last night when Sawyer stopped Jack and confessed he blamed himself for killing them.... ugh.

    your man is SEXY!!!

    i CAN'T BELIEVE sunday is IT.

    i wish i could watch with you!!!!! xo

  4. I hope you are feeling better, Erin! Get well soon. And seriously, I wish I had a room like that as in the photo. ;)

    Sending much love your way! x

  5. I'll see if I can send the housecleaning fairy your way. (Wouldn't one of those showing up on your doorstep be like winning the lottery?) Hope everyone in the house is feeling better soon. And that nightstand? LOVE it.

  6. Hello Erin

    Thank you for all my lovely comments :-D Sorry you are feeling unwell, and that was just so unlucky you became ill the day your sister-in-law was going to clean for you...oh you will just so appreciate when she finally does.
    Rest up and I'm going to read some more of your lovely blog and keep the comments coming
    Julie x

  7. oh no! i really hope you feel better soon my dear! just think about how adorable sawyer was when he was feeling guilty about diffusing the bomb. didn't his face just make you want to curl him up in your arms?! sigh...


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