Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday morning daydream

Is this not the most magical spot? I'd like to take a morning stroll across the grass and around the lake, then head back to this lovely little stone house for breakfast and a pot of tea. Care to join me?


  1. I would TOTALLY join you, that place is wonderful!

  2. ooo yes, I'd love to take a walk with my camera and enjoy the peace and serenity of the bird sounds. Maybe bring some fresh cut flowers back to the cottage. Tea afterwards sounds lovely too.

  3. You find the most lovely pictures that make me want to go there. What a beautiful spot and picture. I would definitely love to join you!

  4. Please count me in. Lets have a Blogger's Convention there. It's small, but it will be cozy, and I'm assuming we're all okay with snuggling. :)


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