Friday, May 21, 2010

2 down, 1 to go

Oh hey, did I mention that these came in the mail last week?


Now we're just waiting on one more...


  1. Your kids are darling. I love seeing their photos, they always make me smile.

    Thanks for commenting, I am a terrible blog friend! I am planning a wedding and taking an overload of credits and working and I rarely have a chance to blog like I used to.

    Your comments are always so sweet though, and I really appreciate them. I promise I will get better soon!


  2. HURRRRAY!!!!!! i am soooo EXCITED!!! i'm cheering my dharma beer to yours! ;)

    and these tiny happy faces says it all!!! oh love, i'm soooooo EXCITED for you!!! let the countdown continue!!!


    ps. scrunchies? i have NO idea. hahahaha remind me to send you a lot ;) jk! lol you're so cute.

  3. Oh they are so gorgeous! How exciting, your trip is coming together. I cant wait to hear all about your English adventures.
    Oh and in reply to your question about getting funny looks when I take photos of ordinary things I ususally just use my iphone so can just pretend I am writing a message if anyone looks at me haha.

  4. I love seeing my passport from when I was a little kid!

  5. These photos are adorable! Definitely scrapbook-worthy. How exciting that they're starting their travel adventures at such a young age :)

  6. SO exciting for all of you!

    I'm just about to apply for my long did these take to arrive? :)


Yay! I love comments.


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