Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saying good-bye really sucks

{You can go ahead and watch, there aren't any spoilers here, I promise!}

Well, here we are. May 23rd. Tonight is the night. Are you ready? I suppose I am. Sort of. I have lots of Dharma snacks and beverages, polar bear cupcakes in the making, and copious amounts of kleenex. It's going to be an emotional roller coaster, there's no doubt about it. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I feel anxious and sick to my stomach and am a little bit weepy already! Saying good-bye to LOST is going to be so hard (ugh, I have never been good at saying good-bye, believe me...) But I'm hopeful it's going to be fantastic, too!

So, let's all raise our Dharma beers together and say cheers, to the greatest show ever made. We're going to miss you. But we're going to enjoy every last second of your epic finale. It's not time to say good-bye just yet...


  1. Oh this reminds me of when Friends and sex and the city ended. I hope the episode is amazing for you.

  2. CHEERS!!! (raising my dharma beer) and reaching for a kleenex.

    i can not waaaaaait to discuss it with you and hear all about your LOST experience. There is no one i know who loves it more.

    i thought of you every single second xo

  3. I don't watch Lost, but I kind of wish I did, given how excited everyone is for the finale. I hope it was fantastic.

  4. Hi Erin!

    It's Monday morning and I logged on to see if you'd written anything yet ... see if you were satisfied ... see if you "got it"?! So I'm eager to keep checking in to, see what you've got to say for this big finale!

  5. i have been avoiding twitter and certain blogs because i know everyone has seen the finale lost, but i have to wait until this afternoon after work - bah! i'm pretty sure this is the textbook definition of torture. this is my last week at work, so i have to say goodbye to several of my kiddies, which is hard enough already, so i'm telling myself my reward for sad goodbyes is lost, but that's just another sad goodbye!... look for an email from me tonight. i'm sure i'll have lots to say. :)

  6. the sobbing, the snacks, the was quite the send off, Thanks Erin and Alan. LOST, i miss you so.

  7. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who was emotionally attached to this show. I felt silly last night watching the last few moments, because I had tears in my eyes and I was so sad to be saying goodbye to those characters! It's been an amazing journey watching for the past few years!

  8. You'll have to post what you thought after you watched the finale! I'll do the same. It was very hard for me to see Jack die - esp. alone in the jungle like that with the plane overhead (well, it was sweet to see the dog be with him). Beautiful reunion at the end. Watching it again on Saturday night when it reairs. So hard to say goodbye! I don't want to.....


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