Monday, May 24, 2010


I have so much to say about the finale of LOST. But no time right now to say it. For now I'll just let you know that I loved it. It made me cry. It broke my heart and it lifted me up. It was infuriating and it was glorious and it was beautiful. And I loved it (well, except for that one bit...)

I'll be back later, with Dharma goodies, I promise! In the meantime, tell me what you thought?

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  1. bah! i just watched it and i totally agree - SO beautiful!! i love the contrast of the very end, how sideways world was the world they all created to be together and happy, when reality had other plans. i love that ben and hugo had already lived a full life taking care of the island, i love that the dog came back at the end, i love this refreshing and lovely version of the traditional "heaven" - that heaven is the love between people and the happiness shared together. of course i still have lots of questions, but i really like having them unanswered. i mean, that's what lost was all about and that's what life is all about - the unknown. so it was perfect and i'm so sad it's over!!!

  2. Glad your favorite show didn't disappoint, Erin! I've only ever seen a few episodes of the show... enough to see why it's so addicting but not enough to become addicted! Anyways though... I'm glad you loved it!!

  3. BEAUTIFUL. the candy machine part with your sawyer was my absolute FAVORITE bit!!!

    when Jack and his dad have that conversation-- WOW. and of course Ben & Locke-- i'm sooo glad that happened.

    Hurley, oh hurley... bless his heart!

    i can't wait to see your dharma goodies and talk more in depth with you sweet girl! xo

  4. I'm so ashamed to say that I don't watch this show. I feel so out of the loop. But I will take your word for how good it is and perhaps go out and rent all of the previous seasons. I hate being out of the pop culture loop!! :) have a lovely day, Erin!!


  5. I thought the ending was fab, now I want to re-watch the entire 121 eps and see it all knowing the end.

  6. I looooved it! I thought that the tie up at the end was super well done. I was worried they'd have to rush to fit everything in, but it came together quite fluidly.

    Favorite scenes: Charlie and Claire finally coming together.

    Desmond. Yep, every scene with him in it. I think he is a gifted actor and I love him. He gets me feeling everything he feels. Powerful stuff.

    When Kate tells Jack she'll "see him there", when he's "ready to leave" she looked so at peace, it was a beautiful transition from the stressed out and always-worried-about-something Kate we have seen over the years

    Jack's Shakespearian death on the island, and the final scene bringing the entire series full cirle with Jack's eye closing while he lays in the bamboo forest. Possibly a cliche, but in my opinion they made it work.

    Worth the 6 year investment.

    Erin, I am very interested to hear more of your thoughts...


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