Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just like old times

There is no greater joy in life than spending time in the company of good friends, is there? This weekend we were thrilled to bits to get to spend some time with our favourite old neighbours and very dear friends, the Kelseys. We went to the park and the kids were overjoyed to get to play together again after many months apart.

Aren't Dylan and Tayler cute together?

The three musketeers.

After our morning in the park we went our separate ways for the afternoon but came back together for an evening at our house. Dinner, dessert (ever had a Blizzard pie from DQ? deeeelicious!), several pots of tea and lots of catching up.

Here are Kelly and I at the end of the evening, right before we had to say good-bye again. Can you tell I've started crying already? Yeah, I thought so.

Oh these two. I love seeing them together.

I miss you already, Kelly. Please come back soon?


  1. Hello :)
    Yep you can't beat spending time with friends, real time, not virtual facebook time!!

  2. I will I will - don't you worry! We had such a great time seeing you and the boys at the park and then again for a specail dinner - its so nice to get one on one time! And as Claire said definately beats vitual time - hands down!
    See you soon my lovely friend Love and hugs Kelly and the gang

  3. i am sooo glad you two enjoyed yourselves, and better yet, so did the little ones :) HOW CUTE are the boys in their floppy hats? and kelly's girl is PRECIOUS!!!

    the 3 musketeers :) i love it!!!!!

    ps. Max had a good birthday! :) we actually went out to eat and since i had to work all day... i did not have time to bake a cake-- I'M TERRIBLE! but honestly, i thought we were going to have dinner with his parents so i thought it was covered lol and then my sweet fiance did the LOVELIEST thing... he surprised me with tickets to SATC Sequel anyway!!!! can you believe it? :) after i moaned in secret (or not so secret) about missing it....

    i'm a lucky girl ;)

    thinking of you!


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