Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Connect the dots, kick in the pants, green and gorgeous

My bedtime 3BT:

1. Dylan's newfound love of dot-to-dots. He can sit and concentrate on them for ages.

2. I have been terrible about getting to the gym these past few weeks. Tonight I went, and I felt great afterwards. It was the kick-start I needed. I'm totally going again tomorrow.

3. Our garden is gorgeous, even in the pouring rain. And as soon as the sun comes out, I am totally taking a nap in that hammock!

And now I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams, my dears!


  1. Oooh a nap in a hammock sounds PERFECT!

  2. Is that your yard??? I'm jealous! It's beautiful! And that hammock definitely looks relaxing...

  3. Lauryn- Thanks! That is our yard, the front one. My husband deserves almost all of the credit for making it so beautiful. I'll try to get some more photos up soon, from a variety of angles. It really is a lovely garden we've got.

  4. Your garden is very beautiful :-) x


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