Thursday, May 27, 2010

In Search of Summer: Day 1 {at the fair!}

I've joined the In Search of Summer project on Mary's lovely blog, The Yellow Door Paperie. The idea is to take photos each day of the things that make you feel like summer's really on its way. These photos are from the weekend that just passed, of our trip to the fair. A country fair just screams summertime to me. The smell of hotdogs and corn on the cob, the hot sun on the bales of hay, crowds of people wandering and eating cotton candy, the sound of the carnival music and the screams of people crazy enough to go on the really scary rides...

Alan and Dylan watch as Sawyer rides the carousel with Auntie Pat.

He loooooved it!

Dylan took a turn as well. I was surprised at how fast that thing goes around. It's certainly not a leisurely pace. I was constantly calling out to the boys, "Hold on tight!"

They loved the little train ride, even though the engine was already full and they had to take the caboose instead. They waved each time they went past, and at one point, Sawyer was blowing kisses at bystanders.

Another ride the boys were allowed to go on without an adult. The bouncy bunnies. I think they were a bit queasy after that one.

We had a marvellous time, and were lucky to have such fabulous weather. It's rainy and grey today, and not at all summerlike. Let's hope that changes by tomorrow...


  1. what wonderful photos! i wanna go next time!

  2. so fun!!! carnivals and fairs definitely remind me of summer. i used to go to them a lot in wisconsin when i was a little girl and there were lots of contests for vegetables and animals and things. a couple years ago dannon and i went to the county fair here in california and they had horse racing! it was a very exciting addition to the fairs i was used to. that's so great that your family is making such fun memories!


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