Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two (plus one)

It's Tuesday again, quite possibly my favourite day of the week! Tuesdays mean running club (which I have a real love/hate relationship with, but I always end up feeling fantastic at the end of an hour-long run), and prep time (for those of you out there who are not teachers... prep time is 45 minutes of peace and quiet in which to prep lessons and get all super-duper organized) and, of course, Tuesday means LOST! After last week's overwhelmingly awesome episode, I can't help but be giddy with the excitement of it. Can't wait till 9 o'clock tonight!

To help me pass the time, how about another round of Two Things I Love Around My Home? Let's start with something old and finish up with something(s) new.

The first thing I love is this wooden horseshoe, given to us on our wedding day, by Alan's aunt and uncle who'd travelled all the way from Somerset to celebrate with us. The back of it reads "With love from all your family in England." It hangs in our bedroom, on my dresser, and I like to think it brings us good luck. We've had it almost 8 years, and hopefully we'll have it 80 more! I'm quite fond of the vintage London postcard, too.

The second thing I love is brand new. My friend Katie made me this fabulous cupcake coffee cozy for my birthday. She doesn't read my blog so had no idea I'd been pining for one from Kimbirdy's etsy shop! Somehow she just sensed that my love of lattes needed to be reinforced with a cool reusable sleeve. Clever girl, isn't she? {oh and just in case you're wondering... this photo wasn't actually taken at my house... it's my local Starbucks! but I did take the latte home with me a few minutes later}

And one more thing that's brand new and special to me: this Canada flag which arrived in the mail yesterday from Marco Lechuga of the US Air Force. Back in December, Micaela from Dolce Vita asked if anyone would send a Christmas card to her brother who is serving in Iraq. So, not being one to ignore an opportunity to write and spread some cheer, that is exactly what I did! Marco wrote back and sent me a Canadian flag that was flown in his Blackhawk helicopter as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I wish Marco a safe return from overseas (I know his sister is waiting for him) and hope there will be no cause for a repeat trip to the Gulf. A peaceful resolution to the continuing difficulties in that country is something we all want, I'm sure. We'll definitely be flying our new flag with pride this coming Canada Day! Thanks, Marco...

Happy Tuesday, lovelies! If you play along, be sure to link back to Bacwoods Fern so I can take a peek, won't you? Hope you're all having a great day. Are you looking forward to LOST tonight?


  1. Wow - that flag is huge! Is that what Dylan was saying - such a funny little face!

    I always think of you on a Tuesday and remember what a busy day you have and all you have to fit in! So I was pleased to hear you like today, always worry it must be your worst.

    Hope your day goes by as quickly as it can so you can get to LOST time again soon.


  2. Erin, this post made my day!!! i got teary-eyed - truly! I love that Marco was so thoughtful to send you all a Canadian flag. I sent the picture of Dylan to him and my family, if you don't mind! it's just PRECIOUS.

    to think that my brother sent thank-you's to everyone that sent a letter when he didn't have to, -- it's us that need to thank our troops every single day... well it just brings me to tears because i know how much each letter meant to him. sigh. i have an AWESOME brother and the most AWESOME friends!!! thank-you for always thinking of him. Seriously, this post made me cry.

    My twinkie would be SO jealous of your london postcards! & that cupcake cozy is perfect for you!

    i'm glad you got my sawyer letter cos that means my pkg shouldn't be so far behind. Fingers crossed!!

    LOST tonight! sooo excited. :)

    i love you dear friend. xo

  3. love the horseshoe and the postcard!
    our anniversary is the same as your (if i read the horseshoe righr) august 9th... but in 2003 - fun!
    thanks for linking up!

  4. Hi Erin,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I'm always so happy to discover new blogs!

    Kassi and Erin - August 9th is my bday, so I have to say it must be a good day!! Loving that horseshoe - what a thoughtful gift.

    I so love your latte cozy! I attempted a knitted one last Christmas but I wasn't thrilled with the result - maybe I'll add something cute like your cupcake one to cover up the uneven bits!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Can't say I'm looking forward to lost. I AM looking forward to Glee starting again, though!

    I love it when you share your feel good posts with us. Actually, pretty much everything you put up here is feel-good. I love looking around here, because it's always so positive and cheerful.

    That said - I would LOVE for you to contribute a little something to the mom-advice series. I'm not sure how often I'll post one, it's just so cool to hear what other moms tell their children. And now you get to be a mom, sharing stuff with your boys. So freaking cool. Moms are the absolute best!

  6. I totally understand your love of prep time! I taught third grade in your neck of the woods (well, Seattle) and adored any prep time!

    Your Burt's Bees Pack is finally in the mail. Thanks for being so patient!

  7. How fantastic! You are so thoughtful to send out cards

    And your items are really sweet. I have a coffee cup cozy that I keep on forgetting to use. This has reminded me :)

  8. Oh I love that cup cossy, how wonderful!
    Um how sweet is Marco to send you the Canadian flag, amazing!!!

  9. what a sweet idea to have a lucky horseshoe from you wedding! and i'm glad you finally got a coffee cozy. saving the environment one cup at a time (you should know you are wearing a cape in my head whenever you use your cozy)! :D

  10. What a woynderful Thank you gift. As wih Micaela brings tears to my eyes too!


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