Monday, April 12, 2010

Much love Monday {spring!}

It's Monday morning, and so far this day is going really well. We all got up on time, and were dressed and fed and out the door by 8 a.m. We went to Starbucks for a morning tea/coffee/milk and then I left Alan and the boys to walk to preschool and I headed for work. I'm here now and enjoying the sunlight pouring through the skylights of my library.

The heart photo above isn't my own (but it's pretty great, huh? see more pretty pictures on my tumblr, an entire blog of things I adore) but it does basically follow the Much Love Monday rules. You have to post a photo of something heart-shaped and then write about what you're loving today. I picked this photo because I had strawberries for my recess snack (with plain yogurt and a handful of almonds- yum!) and because Kelly gave me a heart-shaped pancake mold for my birthday and I'm dying to try it. Tasty pancake hearts for breakfast next weekend, peut-etre?

Now let's see. What am I loving today?
  • watching my three boys walking along holding hands, and then waving good-bye to me as I drove past
  • the birds in my garden serenading us as we left the house this morning
  • tulips in a teapot on my kitchen table
  • an email from this girl (her letters always make me smile)
  • the warm weather (this just might be the week to break out my capris!)
  • the anticipation of a few more birthday parcels that should be arriving any day now
  • all the buds on our lilac bushes
  • finding out that I got into an (already full!) art education workshop coming up on professional development day, to be followed by lunch out with some teacher friends (pro-d usually happens on a day I don't normally work, so I haven't been to one in ages!)

Not a bad way to kick off the week now, is it? How about you? Is your Monday full of things you love? Post about it, then link up on Much Love Anna to spread the love some more!


  1. that photo screams you!!! I still need to make heart pancakes too :) thanks to your fun molds!

    your morning and the image of your boys holding hands as they made their way to school is SO DARLING!!!

    i was happy to get your email dear girl! i seriously hope my birthday parcel gets to you TODAY. I can't believe how long it takes... i sent it way before your birthday thinking actually that it would get to you WAY before your birthday. lol silly me ;) oi! next time i'll ask when you should expect a package.

    my monday included an email from you (a plus!), nice mail including one with a photo of robbie williams glued on the envelope ;) (reminded me of letters i got when i was 13 pen palling), music while i did dishes, and reading "eat pray love" outside cos it was such a lovely day. Erin, have you read this book? I LOVE IT! i can't put it down. Get it if you haven't. love!

    i was right about sex and the city wasn't i? *wink


  2. I have seen that picture and I adore it! It makes me want to make a heart shaped breakfast :)
    And mail is simply the greatest! I just remember when I was younger I would rush to the mailbox as soon as I heard the mailman. I would squeal out loud when I see all the mail is for me :)

    I know that when I have kids they will love mail too (I'm going to make a little mail box and play 'mail' with them) x

  3. I just re-read this post and realised that I hadn't commented - apologies dear.

    I love this picture - it looks like little mouthfuls of heaven!

    And the thought of your boys walking along is just gorgeous and a little wave to wish you on your way - no better way to start the day I am sure.


  4. I wish I could grab those pancakes!! LOL

  5. Hooray for lilacs! I found some at Trader Joe's this weekend and about a little bunch. I can't begin to tell you how happy they made me. And I need to learn how to make pancakes in the shape of hearts. My boyfriend would just love them.

  6. Awwwww, holding hands...SO sweet. I can't wait to give my little guy a sibling!


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