Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday in our garden

... was fantastic. It was sunny and (dare I say it?) sort of hot!

Alan mowed the lawn and stacked wood. He dug up about a thousand dandelions (not. even. kidding.) and burned them out back. The boys and I washed the van and we all got soaked. We admired the flowers. Aren't they gorgeous?

I love the "English country garden" feel of these ones.

This purple one is stunning, isn't it?

Just lovely.

And here are the boys, channeling the Blues Brothers. I know I'm sort of biased, but I just can't get over how adorable they are! Seriously. It's not just me, is it? No, I didn't think so.

How was your weekend? Hope it was like ours, full of sun and fun. {Oh, and I got all that paperwork done too... Next up, passport photos!}

I'll be back tomorrow. Hope to see you here then.
E xo


  1. Your flowers are gorgeous indeed...and your boys are absolutely adorable!!

  2. Certainly 'English Country Garden' - just gorgeous and I love how your tulips border the path. So inviting and sunny.

    And those boys are far too cool!


  3. No it's not just you...they are cute in that hilarious way too with those hats and glasses!


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