Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Rainy Wednesday wish

It's a cool grey day today. The rain comes and then it goes, but not for long and then it's back again. The air is nice though, and I would love to have a covered porch (like this one) that I could go out to. I'd bring my tea and a biscuit or two, and I'd sprawl out on the daybed and listen to the birds. I'd wait for the mail to arrive, and I'd hope for lots of letters to read. And while I waited I'd just close my eyes and breathe in the smell of the cut grass and the lilacs.

But since there's no covered porch, and I've no desire to sit outside in the rain, I'm going to sit on the couch instead (still with the tea and biscuits, though). I'm going to fill in a million passport forms (if we want to go to the England, we need to have the proper paperwork, and it would seem that I am currently the only one in this house who's allowed to travel!) and I might just watch LOST again too. And when the boys wake up, we're going to make hot chocolate and drink it sitting inside our blanket fort. Should be a lovely afternoon, even without that covered porch I'm wishing for.

How are you going to spend this rainy afternoon? (and is it even rainy where you are?) And what are you wishing for these days?


  1. Yes rainy here today too! I thought you would want that plane to England when you saw my post! Hee, hee.

    Any sign on your birthday pressie from me in the post yet?? Hurry little parcel, hurry.


  2. Aw, I'm sorry to hear it was raining where you are. It was actually a gorgeous day here in NC... almost 90 and sunny. We had a retirement party at a bed and breakfast and they served champagne with pink lemonade mixed in.... yum! It wasn't the type of event where it is appropriate to ask for 2nds hahah but it was absolutely delicious! It was the perfect sunny drink for a sunny afternoon :)

  3. Its a bright and sunny day with temp at almost 80 here in California ..and im totally with you ..sitting in a covered porch ..smelling the rain ..i can almost visualise it :)
    I still hope the hot cuppa tea and biscuits are making up for the not covered porch !!

  4. You really made me want a porch like that to snuggle on too.
    Goodluck with the passport applications, so exciting that you are off to England.

  5. This porch looks just perfect. Especially if there are lilacs to be found. If there really are lilacs, I may fool myself into thinking I can drive up and visit. That would be a long trip though. (I just looked up where you live on a map and was totally disoriented. Sad, eh?)


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