Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Bountiful birthday

I got spoiled rotten (or "pampered" as my Dad would say) on my birthday. Here are just a few of my favourite gifts...

Super cute apron and matching pot holders from my parents. I may not be a domestic goddess, but I'll look like one in this!

Sparkly Eiffel Tower charm. Isn't it lovely? I may not have got to spend my birthday in Paris, but a little bit of Paris looks good on me, non?

Eeeeeeeee! Amanda made me my very own Sawyer-themed travel mug! Isn't it genius? I luuuuurve it! Have to be careful not to pour tea all down myself as I gaze at his loveliness... (okay, so obviously there's no way I am 36... my behaviour here is far more in keeping with that of a teenage girl!)


I got so many wonderful presents the morning of my birthday. Alan and the boys got me a gift card to get my hair done, and while I'm doing that, there'll be a housekeeper cleaning my house for three whole hours! It's like a dream come true! Just think of how great this place is going to look when I get home (not to mention how great I'll look... I'm thinking highlights and a relaxer, so I don't have to spend so much time with my straightening iron!)- I can't wait! They also got me some really cute and comfy new pjs, bubble bath, planters for the front steps, New Moon on dvd (don't you wish we could have a movie night, Micaela?) and some very cool vintage postcards.

There were loads of other lovely gifts and cards, and I have more parcels on the way too. Aren't I just the luckiest girl? I'm definitely feeling the love...


  1. You deserve to be spoilt rotten Erin. I love the apron, have been wanting one for ages! A house cleaner oh my goodness my fream come true.

  2. This post made me so happy! :) you are def. one deserving of pampering my friend! that apron looks lovely on you :) i love how dylan is hugging your leg. such sweet boys!

    that eiffel tower necklace is tres jolie on you, and the housekeeper AND hair salon giftcard? A did good!!!!

    of course i loveeee the Sawyer travel mug best. I died giggling, it's PERFECT! :) tell amanda she did a BRILLIANT job on that!!!

    NEW MOON- YES oh yes i wish we could have a movie date. that would be divine! we could rewind all we wanted to see more of R. Patz and swoon over Jacob's sweetness.

    i can't wait for you to get my little something erin!!! i hope you smile :)


  3. First, you look adorable in your new apron. Second, the Sawyer themed travel mug is hysterical and so awesome. I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday!

  4. I love that apron set and Alan's gifts - especially the housekeeper part -genius!

    And your Sawyer mug is perfect you!


  5. Your mug made me laugh out loud! So cute :)

    When you start baking in that apron, I'll give you my address so you can send some of those treats over...haha!

  6. I just saw that it was your birthday, so my best wishes to you, Erin! You are really spoiled, so much nice things, also an Eiffel Tower ;o) xo

  7. Yay! so much good stuff. that sawyer mug is hi-larious!! that's so perfect for you. especially during those lonely, post-May, tuesday nights. Sniff!

  8. Happy Belated Birhday! Looks and sounds like a good time was had by all.

    Truthfully I am a 'Lost' virgin, never even seen a bit of one episode, but a question...your youngest ...he isn't, he couldn't named after...are you THAT big a fan?!

  9. What a wonderful birthday tell Alan he has to call Ed and give hints for my Birthday!!! I love the Sawyer mug - too funny! I laughed at the comment you made saying you might dump tea on yourself while looking at Sawyer! You are hilarious. Everyone should have a fantasy!

  10. Looks like you had a terrific birthday! That apron is adorable. And the Sawyer mug is sooo funny! Now you can stare at your bad boy love and enjoy some caffeine at the same time, lol!


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