Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mid-way through the week

This has been a busy week so far, and today is no exception. It's my "Mummy Helper" day so I'll be at Dylan's preschool all morning, and this afternoon we have groceries to get and cleaning to do (I am so sick of my cluttered kitchen counters). I'd love to spend some time outside in the garden too, admiring the lilacs and pulling up rogue dandelions (Alan did destroy about a million of them, but you know how dandelions are... they're stealthy). After supper this evening I've got a meeting to attend and I likely won't be home until 9:30 or 10. Sooooo, just wanted to say hello now and wish you a wonderful Wednesday. We're half-way to the weekend! What are you getting up to today?

E xo

PS: That photo has nothing to do with this post, but I included it because it makes me happy. I'd love a bright pink chair like that, wouldn't you? And some gerbera daisies on a shelf nearby. And those shoes? Those gorgeous pink shoes? I want them on my feet right this instant...!


  1. happy wednesday! I hope you're day goes well despite you being so busy :)

  2. Busy day ahead then! Remember to fit in lots of tea-breaks if possible.

    I have been pottering in the garden too - when you get started that is it isn't it, there is always something to do.

    Totally agree on the shoe front - infact I think I am having a shoe week!


    PS - Have you guessed my PS yet? Oink, oink - it's a favourite!!

  3. i would love one, yes! i'm not per usually a fan of flats, but these could very well be the pair to change my mind ;)

    you would be such a perfect person for "mummy helper" day :) i bet the rest of the kids loved it!!!

    work tomorrow... i got a little cute notebook to tote around notes in ha i'm that girl ;)

    wish me luck!

    kisses xo

  4. ps. i know because you are loved by so many and not just little ole me that you did a round up of tags you were awarded for... well i just tagged you again!

    this one was fun and i'd LOVE to see what you carry around :)

    come play when you can! off to catch up on yesterday's LOST. i saved it for tonight to have something to look forward to before bed and work tomorrow. eep!

  5. Those shoes are sweet. I love all type of pretty flats.

    Hehe Mummy Helper day sounds so sweet! You're busy but it's a good buy :)

  6. Well, at least busy days make the weekend get here that much faster, right?

    Love that pic, I'm all over anything pink.

  7. i'm busy with last-minute taxes...ugh.

  8. That photo makes me happy too. I hope you had a very lovely day!

  9. Those shoes are adorable! They'd go perfectly with a dress I just bought :) Bright colors definitely make it feel more like Spring.


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