Friday, April 16, 2010

Current events

A few of Dylan's most recent pieces of artwork...

Now all we need is a drawing of all the planes sitting on the runway at Heathrow!


  1. I adore children's artwork! Thank you Erin for checking in on me...been fighting a cold for weeks upon weeks now and my computer is slowly sad :o( I have been missing my blog time and have wondered about all of friends. Soon I will break down and purchase a new computer and will be up and running again!
    enjoy your weekend....warm wishes & love!

  2. He is a great artist :) THanks for stopping by my blog. You are the first same-city blogger that I know of to stop by. Oh, wait - second! Yours looks interesting, I think I'll poke around some more and be back again for sure :)

  3. Hah! I just saw that headline this morning so that was perfect timing. what a great little artist :)


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