Friday, April 23, 2010

Flowers (and a fab pink bike) for your Friday

Is it Friday again already? Fantastic!

I like Friday mornings... they're fairly relaxing, as we don't have to be at preschool to drop off Dylan until 9:15 a.m. Plenty of time for extra cups of tea, and to eat my toast while it's still hot. We've got a few busy days ahead, so this extra time to relax on the couch is just what I need.

This morning I've got groceries to pick up, my run-kit to collect (ooh, can't wait to get my pinny with my race number on it!), letters to mail, birthday presents to wrap, passport photos to have done (not mine, but the boys') and dinner to plan... During naps this afternoon, I've got a phone date with Em (finally!) and laundry to catch up on. Then we're off downtown to the bookstore to load up on stacks of the best children's books I can find (my principal is insisting I spend all my allocated money for the library by May 15th! what's a girl to do?) and to pick up Alan from work. I'll bring everyone home and deposit them safely on the doorstep, and then I'm off again, to a preschool executive social/meeting (which reminds me... must make a veggie tray). Whew!

Tomorrow, we've got the community clean-up (oh! I can't wait to see my deck again once all the crap is cleared away!), my brother is doing some long-awaited repairs to the van (interior lights at night-time are a must, don't you agree?) Dylan is going to a birthday party, Alan will be working in the garden like he always does on a Saturday, I'll be making homemade pizzas and a big salad for dinner, and we'll be watching Dr Who when the boys have gone to bed (awesome! I am loving this new series, and am growing fonder of the 11th Doctor every week). Speaking of going to bed, an early bedtime will be an absolute must, because...

On Sunday morning, I have to be downtown by 6:30 a.m. to find a place to park, to stretch and warm-up and find my place for the 8 o'clock start gun!!! 10K, here I come! Wish me luck, won't you? I'm excited and nervous all at once.

What are your plans for this weekend? Will you get to relax a little bit more than I will?


  1. hello you:).

    My, you are quite the busy little bee this weekend!!! I love your energy- reading your posts make me smile:). I wish I could come to your house for homemade pizzas- they sound DELISH!! :)
    Best of luck with the run- I'm sure you'll do great and I hope the weather is perfect with you. Have fun this weekend!!


  2. Hope you have time to have a little breather at some point busy, busy lady!

    And a HUGE, GIGANTIC good luck for Sunday! Imagine me next to you sister cheering you on.


  3. It sounds like sometimes your weekends are busier than your weeks! I don't how you do it all, but I admire it. Have lots of fun!

  4. Good Luck Erin,
    Hope you enjoy the run,
    Jan & Steve

  5. you ARE a busy bee!!! but it all sounds like fun :) I wish i could cheer you on with the race! you are going to do AWESOME!!! i am so proud of you already!!!

    and home made pizza and a big salad? what time should i show up for dinner? ;) sounds lovely!!!!

    erin, thank you for your sweet words about my overwhelming week. Friday was TONS better. Max took me out for indian last night to celebrate my first week survival. lol when he saw the massive binder i've had to learn, i think he realized that it's not just as easy as picking up a phone and typing in whatever. He actually hugged me and apologised. lol isn't that sweet?

    tonight we're having japanese with his parents and i am looking forward to catching up on swaps i've joined and letters. I have been so exhausted! forgive my absense?

    lots of love to you and all my luck for the run! :)

  6. I'm a little behind this week, but GOOD LUCK! :)


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