Thursday, April 22, 2010

An outdoorsy afternoon

So, remember when I mentioned in my 3BT post last night that we went outside yesterday afternoon to eat our cookies? Well, it was such a beautiful day that we decided to stay out for a while and not worry about making dinner (our tummies were full of chocolate chips, anyway!) We got the bikes and helmets out of the playhouse (see it there, by the lilac bushes?) and had a great time. We played for at least an hour, and the boys rode their bikes up and down the street, with me keeping a close eye out for any cars (luckily, we live on a very quiet road, so only two cars went by the entire time we were out there). They love to race back and forth in front of the house and then turn down the gravel driveway before turning around and heading off in the other direction.

Sawyer still has a scooter-style trike, sans pedals. We're thinking he needs a real one for his birthday. He's having great fun on this one for the time-being though, and is very proud of his new helmet, too.

Dylan is fast and fearless, and almost ready to ditch the training wheels!

Just before we came inside, one of the kids who lives on our street (and who just happens to be a student at my school) came running up to us. "Mrs Pugh!" he called out. "I picked these for you! You like pink flowers, don't you?" Indeed I do!

They went straight onto the kitchen windowsill when we got inside. Wasn't that sweet?

What did you do yesterday afternoon? Hope you got to play in the sun like we did.


  1. looks like a wonderful afternoon, especially the pink flowers from your neighbor.

    we walked the dog and played tennis in the sun. matt won (ten times!) and we got ice cream after dinner. so wonderful.

  2. How adorable that you got pink flowers. That is so sweet. Your boys looked like they had a fun time.

    Unfortunately it hasn't been the sunniest week here but I'm so happy it's a sunny (sort of) day today.

  3. I love your boys playhouse and its little chimney - such fun!

    I love that time of day when you can have a lazy late afternoon and your lilac looks gorgeous. My Mum gave me two tiny cuttings from her lilac - so fingers crossed for next year.

    Hope the evening was just as wonderful!

    PS: I spy with my little eye - oink!

  4. What a nice student, you could have saved the photo for flowers for your Friday.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. it warms the cockles of my environmentally friendly heart to see youngsters embracing the life of cycling instead of driving cars around all afternoon. ;D

    seriously though, your boys are so cute! and how cute is it your neighbor boy brought you flowers?! just darling.

    yesterday i only got outside when i went downstairs to the washer and dryer. :( but today is supposed to be beautiful and i have plans to walk leisurely everywhere i go. and possibly even smelling roses if i happen upon them!

    happy weekend!


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