Friday, April 30, 2010

Flowers for your Friday (and filled-in blanks)

Well, it's Friday, the end of another week, and the last day of the month, too! I remember when I was a kid, complaining about how slowly the time passed by, and my mom telling me "Just wait until you're a grown-up. It'll fly by so much faster than you'd like it to..." I didn't see how that could possibly be true. But of course, I've since discovered that she was right. We're at May already!

Sawyer and I were in the mall this morning, and I was trying to drag him along from the bank to the grocery store with no stops in between. But he was desperate to see the stuffed animals in the card shop, so finally I relented for a moment. As I stood there, watching him with the bunny, an old man smiled sadly at me. "Just wait," he said. "In a minute, 20 years will have gone by, and he'll be moved out." I felt like he'd punched me in the stomach. I wanted to cry. I wanted to pick my baby up and get out of that mall right that second. "Oh, don't say that," I said to him, but he'd already begun to walk away. I couldn't be angry with him though, that old man. He was just trying to remind me of something important. To make the most of every moment. After that, I tried not to rush. We held hands, Sawyer and I, and wandered more slowly through the mall. We got a honey-bun in the grocery store, and then we came home to watch Fun with Phonics and eat it together. It's the little things we do that make life so great, isn't it? If we try to remember that, maybe we can slow time down just the tiniest bit...

Besides my usual Friday flowers (don't you just love lilacs?), I've decided to play along with Lauren's Fill-in-the-Blanks Friday, too. This week's theme is movies... how could I resist?

1. My absolute favourite movie of all time is It's A Wonderful Life. It always makes me cry such happy tears. It just wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't spend it with George Bailey.

2. My favourite movie as a child was Mary Poppins. My favourite part was when they jumped into the sidewalk chalk drawings. Magical. Oh! And when they sang the song that made all the toys put themselves away. That was awesome.

3. The best movie quote ever is from the end of It's A Wonderful Life. I love it when Harry arrives in the middle of the blizzard, raises a glass and shouts out, "A toast, to my big brother George, the richest man in town!" George is surrounded by all of his family and friends, all the people whose lives he's touched, and he finally realizes what a difference he has made to each of them, including his beloved little brother. I can literally feel my heart fill up with joy.

4. My favourite actress is probably Kate Winslet. She is incredibly talented, can play any role to perfection, and I think she is just so classically beautiful.

5. The movie I could watch over and over is You've Got Mail. I adore everything about it. The emails between the two main characters, the books and movies they quote, the gorgeous children's bookstore that Meg Ryan's character owns, the Betsy-Tacy reference, the Upper West Side of New York City... all. of. it. LOVE.

6. My favourite movie genre is probably romantic comedy. What can I say? I'm a sucker for it (Johnny and Baby, Bridget and Mark Darcy, Harry and Sally... how can you resist them and their happy endings?) Oh, and I like a good Jane Austen adaptation, too.

7. A movie I'd like to watch this weekend is Julie and Julia. I've heard good things. And I'd like to be inspired to make something delicious!

And I'm adding one more... because I just can't stop!
8. My top ten favourite movies of all time are It's A Wonderful Life, You've Got Mail, Sliding Doors, Love Actually, Pride and Prejudice, Good Will Hunting, Sense and Sensibility, Sleepless in Seattle, Dead Poets' Society and Lost in Austen.

What about you? What movies make you laugh, cry, think, get inspired? I want to know!

Happy Friday, my lovelies... I'll see you in May.
E xo


  1. I love "Mary Poppins" I saw it for the first time when I was 19 and an Au Pair in the USA. Me and the kids were watching it. For those few hours I didn't pay much attention to the kids, what a bad nanny I was...

  2. I really do love lilacs -- you know how addicted I am. And I got your postcard in the mail! Thank you so much!
    Whenever you do watch Julie and Julia (I just told Micaela this too), make sure you have a delicious assortment of food prepared. Otherwise it can be quite torturous!

  3. I daren't even tell you that I have never seen It's A Wonderful Life! (whispered)

    Did you realise we are picking up on each others sayings Erin! Our posts sound so similar today! hee hee


    PS: The old man's thought made me fill up with tears

  4. totally agree about you've got mail. the WHOLE thing is amazing and could watch it nonstop all day and still not be tiresome of it.

    oh my goodness, i hope you liked julie & julia! it's one of my most favorite films ever now and is just so inspiring and adorable. meryl streep should've won the oscar. ;P

    i have a whole post dedicated to the fill in the blank friday this week (even though it's late, haha), so there's a list of my favorites and whatnot! :]

    <3 <3
    - L

  5. yes, it is very much the little things in life!!!

    i saw "julie and julia" this weekend and loved it!!! meryl has to be my favorite actress ("bridges of madison county" gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME) and the blogger in you will TOTALLY relate! let me know when you see it :)

    i love how you said baby & johnny, harry & sally... i'm with you on that answer! :)

    speaking of movies... I AM SOOO EXCITED for you about the new harry potter!!!! ahhhh i really love you and A are sharing the books.

    i love your movie choices ("good will hunting" love!) but can you believe i haven't seen "Sliding Doors" yet?!

    my faves are 16 candles, eternal sunshine, lost in translation, love actually, pretty woman, atonement, becoming jane... oh becoming jane is lovely isn't it?


  6. i love it's a wonderful life too! my favorite part is at the end when he's running through the town shouting hello to everyone. sniff!


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