Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy pictures

So you know how much I love my tumblr, right? It is absolutely overflowing with pretty pictures. Here are a few I've added recently.

Isn't this one fantastic? I love the yellow dress, the white and yellow chair, the white-washed floorboards, and that suitcase? With the map on it? Simply fabulous! This photo makes me happy, and it gets my imagination going...

So does this one! That vanilla cupcake? Yes, please. That book? Ditto. It's been years, and I really must read it again. I love it. When Jane and Edward Rochester finally, finally get to get married and be happy after everything awful that happened (the horrible aunt, the terrible boarding school, the best friend dying of consumption in Jane's arms, that crazy woman in the attic setting the whole place on fire and leaping from the roof? oh my!)... Aaaaah. Finally a happy ending. What a relief. And I must say, as far as the Bronte sisters and their books are concerned, I way prefer Jane Eyre to Wuthering Heights (don't you?) It's ever so slightly less tragic.

Now for the fun! Let's put the two photos together. I'm not sure how I'd look in yellow (probably not so good... you have to have a certain olivey complexion to pull that off) but I'm going to imagine myself wearing that dress. On a hot summer day. I'm going to put Jane Eyre in my fabulous little suitcase, along with a blanket, some writing paper and pens, a bottle of lemonade, and that cupcake (carefully packaged so as not to smear icing everywhere!) I'll put on a big, floppy sunhat and I'm going to take a walk...

to this spot! I'll sit on the beach, read my book, write to friends and enjoy a sweet snack and a cool drink. I can't imagine a nicer or more peaceful way to spend an afternoon alone, can you?


  1. I'd love to join you. Sounds wonderful to me. I haven't read those books, but I think I've seen the Jane Eyre movie. I didn't notice that the suitcase had a map on it, until you pointed it out. So cool. I love it too.

  2. I had a feeling you would like that picture and that dress made me think of you!

    I adore the suitcase - isn't it wonderful?

    Sounds like the perfect solitary afternoon to me too.


  3. I love your little Bronte rant, but I'm a Wuthering girl...something about that tragic love always gets to me. Have you read the prequel to Jane Eyre? It's called Wide Sargasso Sea, and it's about who the crazy lady in the attic was before she was in the attic :)


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