Monday, April 26, 2010

Cannelle & Leon

When I went to France last summer for Em's wedding, I finally got to meet her friends Sophie and Laure from Paris. Of course they were just lovely... stylish, sophisticated and so much fun. It's no surprise to me that Laure has recently opened a fab online boutique and Etsy shop, featuring some beautiful porcelain pieces. Go take a look at Cannelle et Leon, and tell me her creations aren't gorgeous! I am in love with the paper flowers (not on Etsy but at the first site listed above)... What do you like best?


  1. GORGEOUS!!!!

    i love this one best :) they look like they are dancing with each other.

    just beautiful!!! and just everything you with thing of Parisian women... ;)

    thank you for sharing xoxoxo

  2. i love the flower lights!! how do i get my hands on those? they're so dreamy!


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