Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday night, post-run 3BT

fancy new running shoe, with fancy timing chip (impressive, non?)

My I'm so tired but in such a good way, 3BT:

1. I did it! My first ever 10K run in 1 hour, 18 minutes! (That's pretty good, but I'm already thinking about next year, when I'll be faster...)
2. The sun in the sky, the snow-peaked mountains, the choppy blue water, my feet hitting the pavement, the cheering crowds, good music on my iPod... all of it kept me going till the end.
3. Seeing my sister just before the finish line, waving and cheering and crying. I felt like a champion!

Photos tomorrow. Right now I'm going to lay down, and see if I can convince Alan to rub my feet.

Good-night, dear friends! Hope you had a weekend as wonderful as mine. Let's chat on Monday, shall we?
E xo


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I was thinking about you today wondering how you were doing - I'm so happy for you!!! and 1 hour 18 min WOW thats awesome!!!
    GOOD FOR YOU!! you are my hero!!!
    Love Ya Kelly

  2. Well done! That is really fantastic and such a great achievement. You should feel proud :)

  3. Congratulations speedy lady! Hope you had a wonderful nights sleep - certainly deserved it.

    Well done.

  4. AH!! congratulations!!! that's so impressive and inspiring! can't wait to see the pictures of your victory. :)

  5. I'm certainly looking forward to girly drinks to celebrate our running success. Just think about how easy your 'run for the cure' is going to be in October...a snap really.
    Perhaps you wouldn't mind sharing your run playlist...could use some serious help in that department.

    I'm still on my run high!

  6. Congratulations, good for you! I've been going to the gym and a personal trainer. I've gained alot of weight for myself in the past 15 years and thought it was about time to get back into my gymnastics shape body. It's been challenging but fun. This summer when I'm in shape, I plan to go rock climbing.


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