Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Amore in my mailbox

This past month has been an amazing one for mail. I've received so many wonderful cards and letters and packages, some of them for my birthday and some just because. And all from lovely blogging friends I've never met (not yet anyway!) Here's a sampling of some of the fab things I've received.

Cassie sent me the sweetest, tiniest little parcel. Look! How cute! Inside was pretty ribbon with a teacup pattern sewn on. Adorable. (but where is that photo I took? seems to have disappeared onto my hard drive soemwhere!) I'll have to come up with a really good use for it. Shouldn't be too hard, as I have loads of friends who enjoy a cup of tea as much as me!

Rebecca (aka Ms Sonshine Music) sent me this sweet little handmade owl, whom the boys have named Owly (so creative, my kids!) What are you going to do tonight Rebecca, with no LOST to watch? This is a sad, sad day...

Micaela sent me a great long letter in this fabulous envelope! Thanks, M. I'm working on a reply, I promise...

She also sent me a wonderful birthday parcel. Look how pretty the present inside was!

And look what she sent me! Hurrah! Keep Calm and Carry On notecards. Just perfect for me, and exactly what I wanted. I will be sending all sorts of soothing mail out into the world very soon thanks to her. Yay!

Micaela also sent me a great teapot fridge magnet and a packet of her state flower seeds, Texas bluebonnets. We've planted them already and I can't wait for them to bloom! A little bit of Texas here in Victoria... how fun is that? I love it.

Thanks girls, all of you! You made my day every time I opened the mailbox this month (and there are more photos of more mail to come, too! I'm telling you, these days my mailbox spilleth over...)


  1. Eeee! How funny. I did a catch up mail post on my blog as well :)

    I love everything you received. And I adore the way Micaela wraps her gifts with that beautiful silver and white tissue paper. (I got a packaged wrapped with it too).

    Mail really does make the day feel so much better :)

  2. You deserve to be spoilt Erin. I love that owl, so cute.

  3. That parcel I sent really was teeny wasn't it! But I am always too impatient to wait for it to get to you and in my mind the smaller it is the quicker it reaches you!

    Love Micaela's wrapping - would love to see the postman's face when putting that in the box though!


    PS: Do I spy your sunglasses on? I always seem to have mine on my head and then it aches afterwards as if they are still there!

  4. Yeah that Owly made it okay! Fun packages to receive. Mail like that is always exciting!

  5. you are the cutest thing! :) it's so neat to see a pic of pretty you with my birthday gift... it truly is like we've been friends forever ;)

    and we shall be!

    that owl, j'adore :) i love hand made things!!! too bad i'm not a crafting goddess.

    you girls are so sweet the things you said about me :) awww i'm so pleased blogging brought us togehter. KISSES to you all!!!!


    ps. that's such a sexy picture of your sawyer! i'm sure the postman got a giggle

  6. oh my, that owl is the cutest!!


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