Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two things on Tuesday

It's Tuesday again, a great day to look around and choose another two things in my home that I love. So that's what I did this morning, just as we were about to dash out the door. And no problem... I got two, just like that. One old, one new, and both completely fab.

The first thing is brand new to me yesterday. It's my "Keep Calm and Carry On" magnet that my sweet friend Jess sent me in the mail the other day (just hours after we'd gone to Starbucks for tea!) I love it. And yes that is another Paris postcard it's holding on the fridge, as well as a photo of my adorable Dylan, back before he got his hair cut.

The second thing is this beautiful olive-green jug. It's Alan's, and it came with him to Canada over eight years ago. I think he had it for several years before that, too. Isn't it wonderful? I love the shape of it, and the trailing leaves glazed on its side. It's a permanent fixture in our dining room, but I keep it up high and out of reach of little fingers!

Do you have two things you love around your home today? Share them with me, won't you please, and be sure to link back to the original "Two ThingsTuesday" at BacWoods Fern.

I'm going to be at a bit of a loss tonight. For the first Tuesday in 15 weeks, I've got no running clinic to go to. And (it gets worse...), there's no new episode of LOST tonight!!! What's a girl to do? I'd go for a run if I could, but Alan has to work late on a deadline, so, instead, I'm going to get the boys to bed as early as I can. And then, I've planned an evening of letter writing. So much lovely stationery to choose from, and so many lovely friends to write to. And if I can find myself some biscotti, I'll have it with my tea. Doesn't that sound like a nice way to pass the evening? What have you got planned?


  1. Loving your 'two' this week! I am a devil for magnets and my Mum has a jug just like that one in brown but with a sort of burgundy pattern instead! Hers is up high in the kitchen so we couldn't get at it when we were kids - funny.

    Have a lovely relaxing evening with your tea and biscotti. (Saying biscotti always makes me think of the Gilmore Girls!)

  2. i love the keep calm carry on motto....
    thanks so much for playing along!

  3. Why's there no Lost? its rubbish, I dont know what i will do when it ends! xx


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