Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Join me?

Alan and I have been listening to Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince, read aloud by Stephen Fry (such a perfect narrator...) and we are loving it. I'm so happy that Alan is finally getting to know all the stories in detail, and is getting just as caught up in the magic as I have been for the past several years. And I'm loving being able to immerse myself in it all once more. I honestly don't think I'll ever get tired of the wizarding world. Can't wait for the boys to be old enough to listen to them read aloud...

So, how about it? I've got a ticket! Wouldn't you love to hop on the Hogwarts' Express with Ron, Harry and Hermione? Which house do you hope the sorting hat puts you in? And which class are you headed to first?


  1. Would love to join you! I would be so excited I would have no idea which house I would want to be in or which class to go to first - wouldn't it be amazing?

    Really must suggest our eldest nephew Harry starts reading it, if he hasn't already.

  2. stephen fry is perfect reading those isn't he? I still remember when I read the first Harry Potter in High School, I loved it. I really need to read them all again :)

  3. Listening to Harry Potter on audio gives such a new take on it (at least it did for me). I love it :)

  4. I wish I could dive into that world. When I first read Harry Potter, I was really skeptical, but then I began to devour those books and that was it for me.


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