Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday tea

Well, it's official. I have started tumbling... Do you do it? There are so many gorgeous photos to sift through, and in my first two days I've come across so many pretty pictures. I especially love this one, don't you? The teacup and saucer, the flowers (using a teapot for a vase- genius!), the sun pouring through the window... Everything about this picture is perfect. It makes me happy just looking at it!

Other things making me happy today~ looking forward to my late-night date with a friend at Superstore tonight (followed by tea back at my kitchen table), knowing that dinner is cooking and will be ready when I get home (god bless whoever invented the slow-cooker!), sharing a fabulous novel with an enthusiastic group of students, the letters I'm writing to a few of my friends (on the je t'aime notecards I won a while back!), the fact that I'm now able to run for 6 minutes/walk for 1 minute 8 times in a row! (I love it and I hate it all at the same time...) and the glorious spring sunshine outside. I'm going to head out into it right this second! My weekend starts now.

What's making you happy today?


  1. Wow so impressed with your running, you have done so well! I am not on tumblr but i really do love that photo. Have a wonderful weekend1

  2. i looove your teacup! it's so pretty!! :)

  3. why, hello, sweet one!

    i love your photo! it's just brilliant:). beautiful colors. good for you for running. i wish you could send some of that motivation my way. maybe it will come with the sun this weekend:). hurrah! have a lovely weekend;).


  4. i can't wait to check out your tumblr! you have an eye for beauty for sure.


    and something that made me happy today... it's after midnight be me and max just had a p&j picnick over our counter :) it's the little things in life and love.


  5. I too am very impressed by your running - you will be a skinny minnie this Summer at this rate!

    We will spend forever reblogging each other Tumblr now I fear!


  6. I have to say, I considered tumbling, I really like the idea, but I said no. I just don't have enough time. And that's sad.


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