Thursday, March 18, 2010

St Pat's recap

Yesterday was busy, and lots of fun. As promised, here are some photos of our Irishy good time!

We went to a friend's house for a St Patrick's Day party. The kids got to decorate shamrock-shaped sugar cookies.

Both my boys took this job very seriously. They wanted their icing and sprinkles to be just so.

After the decorating, eating commenced!

They even got to bring some cookies home. Sawyer was licking his fingers all afternoon.

We discovered a note from a leprechaun tucked into our purple shamrock plant! The clue led us upstairs...

... where we discovered chocolate shamrocks and gold coins tucked inside our beds! Can you even guess how excited they were?!


It was a great day. I am always happy for an excuse to dress up, decorate, eat cookies and celebrate a wee bit. Yesterday was no exception! My Irish eyes were smiling all day long.
Erin (go bragh!) xo
PS: Thanks for your dinner suggestions, yesterday! In the end, I flaked out a bit. We had a chicken curry with rice. But alongside it, I served up steamed broccoli, peas and zucchini (even though Sawyer hates "bikini!"), along with some crunchy snap peas, celery and cucumber slices. Festive enough, no?


  1. oh i knew it would be ADORABLE and it was!!! your boys expressions are always so full of joy. SO CUTE! and the note from the leperchaun? i'm in love with you and your little family :) xo

    ps. mmm curry!

  2. It looks like your boys had a lot of fun! I'm actually a bit jealous. I want a cookie too...


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