Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We've just returned home from a fun-filled, green-themed, cookie-decorating, leprechaun-making preschool party... and I am exhausted! Will post photos later but right now I need to plan a green supper. Why? Because I promised. And because I'm festive like that. Any suggestions? Don't say pesto. The boys won't eat it.


  1. Green beans, peas, okra, asparagus, spinach, broccoli and brussel sprouts! No? Well, you can tell them it's all candy you dyed green for St. Patties Day. You'd think this would be the one day a year parents could trick their kids into eating vegetables... :)

  2. ha i was thinking pesto, how did you know? :) my italian romance from long ago in college made me pesto and let me tell you- the whole time i was worried i had some in my teeth! good thing there was a language barrier between us ;)

    i would say broccoli cos that was ALWAYS my favorite as a child. we called them trees :)

    your st. pats festivities made me wish i was there! how fun!!! i can't wait to see your photos of the irish good times. xo

    ps. THANK YOU for your kindness and comfort at my nasty commenter :( ew. the thing that scared me is that this person seemed to know personal things, so it seems like someone who knows me which is just ya, very scary. oh well, with friends and support like yours? who gives a bullocks?! ha.

    HUGS TO YOU SWEETEST GIRL!!! sooo glad to be back on your corner of the internet! I'VE MISSED YOU XOXO

  3. Well as it is now way past your boys bedtime I don't think me suggestions would help!

    So what did you serve in the end? I have been in a school where they served green dyed Macaroni Cheese! Children really weren't sure - think it must be the green thing.

    Relax with a festive green tea after your exhausting day.


    PS: Never had time to write Wed post but I had scheduled it and forgot to cancel it till it was too late! Sorry to disappoint xx


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