Monday, February 15, 2010

Marvellous Monday

How excited was I just now to read Nina's comment on my blog? So excited! I love reading Naturally Nina, and earlier this week I entered a draw to win some pretty French stationery (because, seriously, how could I resist that?). Well... guess what? I won! My Monday just got better, and it was already pretty great to begin with. I can't wait for this parcel to arrive in my mailbox! Thank you, Nina!


  1. I love it. Now, just because I live close enough that you can come for tea, doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy a little french mail...

  2. Ooh! I know someone who likes French stuff AND getting mail! Want her address? xoxo

  3. hurray!!! They ARE PERFECT for you :)

    i'm so excited for you!

  4. congrats! I just saw on nina's blog that you won so I popped over here to say I'm SO jealous! haha, just kidding (kinda). but really, silly as it is, I was excited to see that I actually knew the giveaway winner! :) I'm sure you'll put those notecards to good use.


Yay! I love comments.


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