Monday, March 08, 2010

International Women's Day (and other stuff)

Did you know it was International Women's Day today? I didn't. I mean, I guess I did at some point, but I forgot until I came across it online just now. Even though I don't have daughters, I rather enjoyed this related post on NewJane. And a lot of the advice I'd be happy to pass on to my two boys, too.

In honour of this special day, my dearest friend Em posted this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt on her Facebook page: "A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water." A great quote, from the strongest girl I know!

In other (completely unrelated news) we went to the beach this morning. The boys have spent the past two weeks filling up their jar with "warm fuzzies" and the reward they chose was a picnic at the beach. Yikes. It wasn't exactly beach weather, but I'd promised, so we put on our toques and scarves and warm coats, and off we went.

The sky and the sea were gorgeous.

But it was freezing cold down there in the wind! Good thing we had the foresight to stop for hot chocolates on the way.

Whenever we're at the beach, we like to write in the sand. Today was no different.

Sawyer didn't actually write this. He knows that his name starts with S though. And that there's a W in there somewhere.

There were some amazing driftwood forts at the beach today. We didn't even have to build one, just take up residence in the one we liked the best.

To help warm ourselves up, we built a fire. A pretend one. It did the trick. We sat inside the fort, ate our sandwiches and cookies, and basked in its pretend glow!

After lunch, we climbed the logs, built some sandcastles, watched the waves, and screeched with shock (and delight?) when it started to snow. Heavily. {We headed right home after that!} Seems March can't decide if it wants to come in like a lion or a lamb. I vote lamb. But for now, I'm happy to sit by the (real) fire and drink my tea as the snow comes down outside. And the boys, worn out from their morning on the beach, sleep soundly on.

What a great day... How was yours?


  1. oh know how much i long to have joined you with your sweet boys at the beach today? the ocean and the driftwood are beautiful...
    my heart smiled when i read this post!
    my monday was good....always happy to come home at the end of a monday though...nothing quite like home...i guess dorothy had it right ;o)
    lots of love

  2. I love all that driftwood, all we seem to have on our coast is tons and tons of seaweed.

    The sand is an incredible colour too.

    Such bright and breezy Spring fun


  3. I had no idea it was international women's day. I love that list of 29 rules for life. So good to hear, even as an adult. And yes, so many of them are good for boys too. Unfortunately, boys don't always get messages of empowerment, but they need it too!

    Anyway, I hope you have a lovely Tuesday!

  4. wow, erin, you sure know how to enjoy your time with your boys. i love the pictures of the beach (and dylan's party, which i haven't commented on yet. it looked amazing!). how far is the beach from your house?

  5. That looks like a great day Erin, loved the fort. Brilliant.


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