Monday, March 08, 2010

Flowers for your Monday

Good Monday morning! Thought I'd mix things up a little and do my flower post a few days early. Aren't these lovely? The perfect bright and cheery bouquet to start my spring break {how great is it that I would normally be at work right now, but instead am curled up on the couch with another cup of tea and watching my boys build a fort on the living room floor?}

What do you have planned this week, my dears? Anything exciting? Do tell!


  1. Erin, these are gorgeous! Definitely the best way to start my Monday morning. And I love that cute little cozy around the vase -- it's a perfect combination of spring and winter.

  2. Gorgeous flowers Erin! So sad that all our flowers are starting to disappear its already getting quite cold here.
    Thanks so much for the book idea, i got "Whats up my tree?" and it came with a cardboard tree that she can hang on her wall and stickers to decorate her on tree.

  3. Hooray for vacations! My elementary school's spring break is in two weeks. I cannot wait to sleep in!


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