Sunday, March 07, 2010

Dylan's 5th birthday party

Having Dylan's birthday party at the nature sanctuary yesterday was genius!

The weather was gorgeous.

The naturalist was hilarious. Look at that owl's foot! The kids were loving it. Seriously, if this guy weren't a naturalist, he could make a living as a children's entertainer. He was that good.

The kids all got to dissect owl pellets (or, as they are more popularly known, owl puke) and discovered all sorts of interesting stuff. Tiny little skeletons and things like that!

They were mesmerized.

Then we went for a little nature hike. We saw birds and bugs and looked at all the trees budding and the flowers coming up. We went down to the lake to feed the geese and the ducks. It was so much fun.

One duck was especially cooperative and came right up onto the railing to eat out of the kids' hands.

How adorable is my birthday boy? I love how happy he is in this photo.

After our hike, we came back to the nature house for snacks, cake and presents. The theme of the party was "The Magic School Bus Flies from Its Nest" (one of Dylan's favourite books), hence the school buses

...and the yummy cupcake nests I made (complete with Cadbury's Mini-eggs!yum!)

I wonder what he wished for? I wish the year that lays ahead is a wonderful one for him, just as perfect as his birthday party was. I hope he will be happy, curious, engaged, amused, and surrounded by family and friends all year long. I can't believe he's going to be 5. I remember 5. It's a big year.

Tomorrow is Dylan's last day of being 4. We're going to the beach (in the rain) to celebrate. And we're making a three dimensional school-bus-shaped cake (not. even. kidding) for the big day on Tuesday. Spring break week is going to be a whole lot of (mostly birthday-related) fun!

More soon, mes amies. Am off to bed now. Hope your weekend was as much fun as ours was!
E xo


  1. Dissecting owl pellets is one of my earliest memories from school and I was probably Dylan's age - such great fun.

    And those cakes...yum, yum, yum

  2. Looks like everyone had a fantastic time! And those pictures with the ducks are wonderful.

    I'm off to find a cupcake now...

  3. Best. Birthday. Party. Ever.


    Sunshine + owl pellets + friendly ducks + those amazing cupcakes = perfection.

    What a fantastic mum you are! xoxo

  4. Oh man! That looks like so much fun! I remember the excitement from when I dissected owl pellets and found all those little bones... well, I was in highschool, but still...

    What an awesome mom you are! I do therapy with kids at an elementary school so I mostly just see parents who are not very connected and it's quite discouraging. But then I read your blog and see all the amazing things you do with your boys and feel like all is right in the world. Your boys are SO lucky!

    And you'll be taking lots of pics of the big bus cake right? I can't wait!

  5. what a fabulous celebration! i wish you had planned my birthday ;) i remember LOVING dissecting owl pellets in school. I think we even glued the bits of the skeleton we found on a black sheet of construction paper.

    what gorgeous cupcakes! you are talented darling girl. i cant wait to see the school bus cake! ;)

    and i LOVE that you made a sincere wish when he blew out his birthday candles. YOU ARE THE BEST MUM EVER! xo

  6. How did he get to be 7??? I want him to be 5 again!


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