Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hell's kitchen

image via my lovely tumblr

See that quote above? Oh boy did I ever need it this evening! Seriously. What a night. It has been a comedy of errors at every turn. I've been trying for about an hour to get everyone's lunches made and it would seem that the fates are conspiring against me. First, good luck finding any containers with lids that match. They have all disappeared into the abyss. Second, would you believe that as I was rummaging through a kitchen drawer in search of sandwich bags (due to lack of aforementioned containers!) I knocked an open bag of frozen blueberries over and watched as they all poured into the drawer? Okay, take a deep breath, try not to freak out. Start pulling everything out of drawer to retrieve all the blueberries before they turn into a mushy purple pulp. Pick up a bag of shish-kabob skewers only to discover that one end is open (the end with all the sharp pointy bits poking out) and proceed to let every single one of them slide out of the bag and straight onto my bare feet! Gaah! Can't even tell you how much that hurt. Only slightly less than the part where I cut open my thumb while attempting to slice cheese for the sandwiches. Combine all that with my nasty cramps and splitting headache and you get an idea how much fun I'm having here. Sigh...

Anyway, I'm giving it all up as a lost cause. The lunches are sort of half made now. I think I've got all the blueberries out of the drawer (though you just know there's a rogue one hiding in there, and I'll discover it a week or two from now!) and the skewers are up off the floor. I've put the kettle on to make myself some decaf tea. I'm getting into my comfy bed with a light-hearted book and a soothing cuppa. I feel better just thinking about it.

Good-night, sweet friends! Farewell to March. April, I'll see you in the morning.


  1. Hahah I'm sorry to laught... but it's laughing WITH you :) I can just imagine the bag of blueberries in the drawer and shish-kabob sticks going all over.

    In one day I managed to set not only a plastic bowl onto one of my burners that was still hot, but set a bottle of water on another one, and then place a plastic bread bag on a 3rd. My kitchen still smells like plastic everytime I cook... oh and that was the same day I caught the toaster oven on fire trying to make my own pita chips hahah. It's still outside recovering!

    Hot tea is the best! I drink it all day everyday and every night. The most relazing thing ever!

  2. I love the new spin on that familiar saying, and you definitely needed it this morning! I hate days like that when everything seems to go wrong! Hope you got some tea and relaxation eventually :)

  3. Erin, I know precisely how you feel. That was Tuesday for me. I made this beautiful Guinness chocolate cake with a Baileys whipped cream frosting for a friend's birthday -- a double layer cake -- and the top layer slid off, hit the edge of the counter top and the icing went flying off and landed all over the floor...the carpeted floor. There were three other incidents, all involving the cats, which I won't mention. The next morning I slept in an extra half hour. I needed it. And tea is an excellent help as well.

  4. Sorry just realised I said I would comment after my email and never did, apologies xx

    I know I shouldn't be this little post still makes me chuckle!

    Nothing calms like a cup of tea.

  5. oh no! what a night. i hope this april morning has been much much better!

    ps - can you believe it's april?! this year is flying by!

  6. tea always makes things better, doesn't it. and thanks for the birthday wishes

  7. I think I would have had a temper tantrum!!! With the jumping up and down and everything! Tea is definately the best thing for evenings like that!!!
    Hope today is much better!
    Love ya

  8. If it makes you feel any better, FQ broke a brand-new bottle of balsamic vinegar the other night. He knocked it off the shelf and onto the tile floor... but it also just happened to spill all over his two pairs of shoes, which just happened to be in the middle of the kitchen instead of in the closet! So... a lot of ranting and raving and a little mopping later, the situation was under control. Result? Vinegar-less salad dressing for us and a husband who has learned to put his shoes away (well, hopefully...)



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