Thursday, April 01, 2010

Fooled you, bejewelled, long weekend plans

Three beautiful things (3BT) on the first day of April:

1. Watching the boys this morning as they discovered one April Fool's prank after another. Dylan woke up and started to shout, "Mum! So many strange things have happened! Come and see!"

Monkey was swinging from the doorframe, instead of being tucked up snug with Dylan in his bed! All the posters on the bedroom wall were upside down. And the calendar by the kitchen table had gone all crazy (no, we didn't really have snow today, thank goodness!) It was all too hilarious for them. They giggled up a storm.

2. The bracelet I'm wearing today, made for me by Dylan. "It's very Eastery," isn't it?

3. The weekend starts in less than 2 hours. 4 days off to celebrate Easter and springtime and a certain somebody's birthday! I'm just a wee bit excited... can you tell?

What are your 3BT today?


  1. i'm loving the bracelet :)

    and that line, "so many strange things have happened! Come and see!" adorable.

    1.txt from My Mom who said she re-watched Twilight after reading the book and can't get over Edward's cuteness either ;)

    2. the greasiest cheese and egg biscuit for breakfast to cure the wine hangover i had this morning... wretched.

    3. the sweetest facebook message from Max's sister. I never really was sure how close we were or how much she liked me until i got her kind words.

    and!!! LOST-- I screamed when i saw my Des! oh my goodness. I KNOW you thought of me right? ;)

    good things to come!

  2. All the tricks you played on those boys were lovely! I bet there were lots of 'oh Mom's' by the end!! Hee hee

    What a fun 3BT, made me smile xx

  3. that's hilarious! I love that they woke up to all that craziness. You are a clever momma!

    Thursday was horrible for me mostly because I just felt weird {you know, not quite sick, but not well either}, so I think it's important to play along with your 3BT's and find some of the good in yesterday.

    1. a comfort breakfast of peanut-butter applesauce toast followed immediately by natural cheetos {yum!}.

    2. working on some of the decorations for dannon's surprise 30th birthday party in may {I love getting crafty!}.

    3. getting to hang out, in person!, with a best friend I haven't seen in months! by far the best thing to happen all week.

    thanks for the prompt for the 3BT's! I really needed that!


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