Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bon voyage

image via my tumblr

Dear Em,

I guess you're on your way to the train station by now, and ready to say good-bye to les Alpes for a while. I hope you have a fabulous time in Paris! April 1st will be wonderful, a million times better than this day last year. It will be difficult I know, but try not to look back. Just keep on looking ahead. So many good things await. Like 10 days in the French capital for a start! Think of me when you're wandering the musee d'Orsay, won't you? Imagine I'm with you when you're having pain au chocolat at a sidewalk cafe and sipping a cup of tea. Pretend I'm by your side and get a shot of the Eiffel Tower behind you (I'll get Alan to photoshop me in after!) Oh how I wish I could join you there for my birthday. But I guess for this year a postcard or two will have to suffice... I'll be watching the mail and waiting to hear all about it!

Bon voyage, cherie!

Je t'aime,
E xo


  1. oh, a trip to Paris would be absolutely completely ridiculously wonderful right about now! and pain au chocolat? I drool! yum!

  2. such a sweet post! oh to escape to paris with the eiffel tower as my backdrop...

    i could really use a getaway, but i love the dreaminess in this post.


  3. Dear Erin,

    What a lovely post! And that photo? Wow.

    I arrived in Paris early this morning and I have to admit getting on the train in sleepy little Gap and then getting off and plunging into the Paris métro during morning rush hour was enough to make my head spin, albeit in a very good way!

    Soooooooo excited to be here. I just can't get enough of this place. On the way to Sophie's, I stopped at a bakery to buy myself a pastry for breakfast. The woman behind the counter was the perfectly Parisian combination of snooty, condescending, detached, rude, and snotty. Love it!!!

    Love you too! And wish you were here.


    P.S. In the battle of April 1st vs me, I am so winning. Was there ever any doubt?

  4. I'm in love with that photo! It reminds me of Christmas (weird), and sparkles and happiness and my trip to Europe. Why is Paris the perfect getaway destination?? I can't wait to go back one day!

  5. This is the Paris I need to discover. I've never been. But if that photo is what I saw when I looked out a window, I would find it hard to leave.


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