Friday, March 26, 2010

A flower for your Friday

image via my tumblr

It's Friday! Hurrah! So many reasons to love this Friday in particular...
  • a phone date with my darling friend Em (feels like we haven't talked in ages)
  • baking with my boys
  • I'm all caught up on my laundry (thank you lovely front loaders!)
  • shopping and gift-wrapping
  • writing a letter to Kelly on my new stationery (oh! which pretty paper to choose?)
  • fun weekend plans to look forward to (including a New Moon party with girlfriends!)
  • the tulips have started blooming in our garden
  • it's my mom's birthday today! Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!
What are all of you up to this fine Friday? Hope the weekend ahead is full of fun and adventure. I hope you'll tell me all about it!

E xo


  1. Oh what a fun day/weekend you have planned.

    I particularly like the sound of baking with the boys - so much fun, what are you planning on making?


  2. PS: I also meant to say Happy Birthday to your Mum too.

    PPS: I am also very jealous of your tulips!

  3. You and your washing machines :)

    Bachelorette this weekend for my best friend...we're painting, seeing a movie, going for dinner and dessert at the melting pot, swimming in the hotel swimming pool, and playing games. Fun!

  4. XX Thank you for the beautiful singing, and the birthday wishes! Such a lovely addition to my day. Looking forward to tomorrow!

    And a thanks to your friend Cassie for the birthday greeting as well.


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