Friday, March 26, 2010

Stationery Swap!

On Wednesday afternoon, my stationery swap parcel arrived! How excited was I? So excited! But I'd promised Cassie that we'd open it "together" online (as we'd done when she received mine the day before!), so I waited until Thursday at lunch hour to tear off the brown paper and see what paper treasures were held within. It was difficult to wait, but worth it. We had so much fun chatting while I opened each little thing. Are you ready to see what was inside?

Cassie wraps gifts beautifully, doesn't she? I love the gauzy green ribbon.

Yep, it's definitely for me.

Cassie wrote me a lovely note inside this beautiful daffodil cupcake card. After I read it, I opened the box and discovered many themed packages inside. Each one just right for me!

There were "tea and cakes" kind of cards. Ooh, and the cupcake cards have recipes on the back of them! How fabulous is that?

Beautiful book plates.

Red and white envelopes (which C made herself!) with fun labels and twine. Very Canadian!

There were several pretty flower-themed cards.

The best teapot card ever. I'm not sure I'll ever send it. I might frame it instead and put it in our kitchen.

There was also a "Cheeky Monkey" themed section of the parcel. With colourful writing paper and envelopes for the boys to use, and chocolate buttons to devour! Isn't she just the kindest girl to think of them?

They lasted about 2 minutes. The boys were thrilled to bits!

But not as thrilled as I was. I loved this parcel. Everything about it was chosen with me in mind. In addition to the tea and flower and Canada writing supplies, there was also a notebook for writing lists in, a polka-dotted pencil and pretty post-its. All things I love.

Thank you Cassie for such a thoughtful and personalized stationery set! I couldn't have asked for a better partner. I am going to enjoy using all these cards and envelopes oh-so-much!

A big thanks as well to the lovely Megan over at Time after Tea for organizing the swap in the first place. It really was the most brilliant idea, Megan...


  1. Oh what a wonderful package it looks like you were very spoilt! so glad that you two enjoyed the swap so much. I love the tea pot card and the cupcakes just perfect.

  2. I have sent you an email about your email and a truly amazing thank you!

    I feel so guilty now because I received your parcel before you got mine and just haven't found the time to post about it - so sorry!

    So pleased you liked all the bits and pieces I sent, I will post about your wonderful parcel today.

    Where do you find all your time - I think you are secretly Superwoman! hee hee


  3. this is such a cute idea! I love all the cards you got!! How fun!


  4. i LOVE what you girls sent each other. Perfectly themed things because you know each other so well. That teapot card is SO you!! and I LOVE that she thought of your boys as well cos that picture? priceless!!! ;)

    what a great swap huh? (thanks megan!)


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