Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mail, rosy, keeping them busy, running with Dwight

Three beautiful things on a rainy Thursday afternoon in March:

1. My parcel of stationery arrived yesterday. Oh! The prettiest papers within! {and Cadbury's buttons for the boys!} I'll post photos tomorrow.

2. I like my bright teal-blue shirt today. It makes my cheeks look rosier, my eyes brighter. I'm looking forward to digging out all my spring clothes. Time to put away some of the black and grey, I think.

3. I'm making homemade pizza for dinner tonight. I'll let the boys grate the cheese. They love that bit.

And one more, for good measure:

4. The Office is on tonight. I'm looking forward to watching it while I do my run on the treadmill at the gym. The time goes by so much faster when I'm laughing!

What are your 3(or 4)BT?

image via tumblr


  1. Homemade pizza is my favorite. I think I've been making too much of it lately in fact. And I'm really awful about sharing -- I want it all for myself. Right now, the thing that's making me happiest is spring break! Sadly, this "break" is only an illusion as I finished my final papers this past Sunday and already have readings for the new quarter which starts on Monday. But I'll keep pretending.

  2. The Office is one show i really wish i had watched from the start!

    mmm homemade pizza! send me some? :)

    1. getting YOUR letter. I just love them. I was telling Max about it on the way to his parents for dinner, about how i laugh and smile like i have literally spent the day with you. You have a gift for letter writing and i think it's because you have the gift of being such a good friend.

    2. i am going mad trying to find a paper i need for said job and can't find it ANYWHERE (i'm SUCH a scatter brain) and max texted me a moment ago and just said, "you're beautiful." exactly what i needed!

    3. rain. i miss light rain or any rain at all. It's my happy weather :)


  3. Oh I love that picture!

    Which Office are you watching British or American version?


  4. that sounds like a beautiful day! i am so excited to pull out my cute spring/summer clothes too! well, not for SF, but for when I live in LA this fall. i've been kind of bad buying little dresses and such, but i figure that's one great way to help preoccupy myself so i can be patient for my move. ;)


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